How to Prepare for Your New Furry Family Member

The decision to get a new dog can change your entire life. Suddenly, you will find yourself taking care of a furry friend, getting up early to take it for a walk, browsing dog toys, suitable food and other pet supplies. Before welcoming the dog into your home, you should visit a pet store or browse online to get a few items so you can be prepared for their arrival. Your dog might be a pet, but it surely will need to eat, sleep, and have things such as a leash, toys, and a bowl. If this is your first time getting a dog, and you’re not sure what you need to get before your new pup arrives, here’s a list of essential things to get.



Your dog will need a place to sleep. Sure, you may allow the dog to sleep in your bed or on the sofa for the first few days, but it must have its spot from the very beginning, a place they can feel is as own. Pet stores offer various types of beds, made specially to keep the dog comfortable and supported. When choosing a bed, it’s important to take into consideration the size and state of the dog you’re getting. Is it a big or small breed? An older dog or a puppy? If you’re getting an older god, you will need a bed that is made with extra support to provide them with enough softness and comfort. Older dogs might have health conditions such as arthritis, so be sure to ask which bedding solution is best. Puppies need a bed that is soft and fluffy, where they can snuggle and get warm.

Also, the size of the bed matters. So what may be a small, accommodating bed that works for the pup now will be outgrown in just a few months. Your dog should have enough space to lie on the bed without its head hanging out. Also, the bed should be made of materials that will easily help the dog warm up, because after all, the bed will be placed on the ground, where it tends to be colder.

Collar & Leash

No matter how old your dog, it will need a collar. Made of nylon, leather or fabric, the collar plays a huge role in how convenient walking your dog will be. Plus, you can attach an identification tag to it. It should fit comfortably around the dog’s neg (not too loose, not too tight). If it’s loose, your dog could easily remove it when scratching, or it can get caught on things and strangle or trap your dog. Another great option is a harness. It goes all over your dog’s chest and you won’t have to worry whether you’re hurting your dog’s neck when you’re yanking the leash if your dog tries to pull. Instead, the leash is attached at the back of the harness, so you’re pulling on their body rather than their neck.


The leash should be 120 to 180 cm long. The ideal length will depend on how much leash you want to curl in your hand when you’re taking your dog for a walk. The leash must be strong and light, so pick a model made of cotton or nylon. These materials are light and will dry up faster should you get them wet. Also, your dog won’t feel any heaviness over its back or neck. You can get a retractable leash if you want to give your dog some more freedom to explore while outside, but this might be a challenge if you want to train them. No matter what you choose, be sure that the snap that attaches to the dog’s harness or collar is strong and secure and that you can easily put it on or remove it.

Food & Water Bowls


When browsing the pet store to get the accessories mentioned above, don’t forget to get your dog food and water bowls. While you can serve the food and water in any bowl you have at home, keep in mind that dogs are playful and they may break a regular porcelain or glass bowl. So, you will need a sturdy bowl one for food and one for water. The best option is stainless steel, even though you will come across many bowls made of sturdy plastic. If you’re having a puppy, keep in mind that they will chew just about anything, so you can expect them to chew the bowls as well. Plastic can easily harbour bacteria as well. Don’t forget that just like you do your dishes every day, your dog’s bowls should be washed on daily basis.


Your dog will want something to eat once they arrive, so make sure to get them some dry snacks. Snacks are a great thing for training, and for going out for a walk when your dog can get hungry. Also, if you’re about to travel soon, having snacks with you could ease the travel and make things more pleasant. Pick snacks that are suitable for your dog’s age, and that have enough nutrients to keep your doggo healthy.

Grooming Supplies


Shedding can be annoying, but it’s part of life with a dog. You can take the most basic things such as a comb or brush that will help your dog get rid of the excess hair. Also, get shampoo, dog nail trimmer, toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs and coat clippers and scissors. Even if you take your dog to a professional pet trimmer, it’s handy to have these grooming supplies at home (just in case).

Antibacterial Dog Wipes


Dogs are playful and enjoy jumping in muddy puddles, rolling in the grass and just getting dirty in general. So before they enter your car or home, you should wipe their paws and give them a quick clean-up. Do this with antibacterial dog wipes that are safe for your dog’s skin and coat.