Home Cinema: The Ultimate Experience for Entrance in the Films’ Interesting Reality

home cinema seating

What would life be like without the beauty of art? Meaningless, to say the least. We have always been looking for a way to make everyday life more interesting by making art part of it. Our great ancestors started out by leaving their creations on cave walls, and of course, storytelling. Being on a quest for leaving imprints on time has led to the invention of phenakistoscope, photographs and the phonograph, and thanks to all this development, the creation of motion pictures as the sum of all this art.

Thinking of the beginnings of cinema and the excitement cinemagoers experienced at that time, I began to understand why buying tickets and visiting cinemas turned into more than favourite pastime activities, rather as something almost in the likes of sacredness, that made people of all generations equals in their motion pictures passion. I am sure even nowadays no one could ever forget the adventures of Charlie Chaplin, the man who won hearts over with his films even without the use of sound. As a cinephile myself, I have indulged in the stories of plenty of films over the years, recalling also Georges Méliès’s iconic film A Trip to the Moon and the twist it gives Brian Selznick’s story The Invention of Hugo Cabret which was later used for the plot of Martin Scorsese’s Hugo.

As a great fan of films, it’s always the right time for another film but, much to my disappointment, I am not always able to get the time I require for taking trips to the many cinemas around the city. As I was trying to change a few of the priorities of my busy schedule to get cinema among the top, I got the idea of bringing the cinema home. Having an HDTV, solid surround system and the snack recipes to try out, all that I was missing was the adequate seating so you might as well say I was only lacking the last piece of the puzzle. I used to think my sofa was comfortable enough until I stumbled upon home cinema seating options for sale. I must say, only after getting my leather recliners did it feel like the real deal, as if having your own personalised cinema (that feeling is indescribable!).

From no sound black and white films of the beginning of the 20th century, the art of motion pictures has gone a great deal, first with the addition of sound (Thomas Edison’s lifelong dream) by the Warner Bros in their groundbreaking The Jazz Singer of 1927, and then with the use of colour. Though the technicolour solution was invented back in 1916 by Herbert Kalmus’ Technicolour Corporation, it wasn’t until 1932 with Disney’s Flowers and Trees and the memorable 1939 Gone With the Wind and The Wizard of Oz that colour motion pictures started sweeping people off their feet. Fast forward to today, with technology so greatly advanced and the chance for entertainment and comfort combined through the home cinema seating experience, the world of films and cinemas has changed for the better.

Sometimes I enjoy my own company, especially when watching a black and white romance (I have to hide my tears you know), other times I love commenting about different views of the plots with family and friends so I invite them over in my cinema haven. One thing is for sure, this home cinema option has turned me into an avid cinephile even more and I can’t wait to see what happens next in the world of cinema and technology.