Ways to Make Your RV Super Comfy & Feel More Like Home

Small living spaces have problems that no regular space has. Everything is smaller, shorter and the task of managing the available space is more demanding. And nowhere is this more apparent than in caravans.

When it comes to making the most of your caravan space every bit of advice is welcome. Others have managed to pull it off, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t succeed as well. Clever design and the right caravan accessories can make the space feel and effectively be larger than it actually is.

Caravan Awnings for Shade & Extended Living Space

Awnings extend the living space when the RV is parked, but how can they make you feel at home? For starters they serve to block the harsh Aussie sun, so you can expect protection from the harmful rays. And the shade also offers a considerable drop in temperature which is not too bad either. But this is not their only features in ensuring caravan comfort.

A significant benefit of a caravan awning is the privacy screen it can provide. Sometimes you have to park your RV in a close proximity to other campers. And they can be, well, just about any type of people. But putting up an awning with walls attached to it places a barrier between you and other people. Even if the closest RV is far away, you will find using an awning as a screen for privacy is really beneficial when you like to unwind.

An awning can also make preparing meals easier. Instead of being cramped inside the caravan, you can take out a grill or a portable oven and extend an awning, thus creating it a breezy outdoor kitchen that makes preparing lunch more bearable. You can also use this to create a dining space. The awning will cast shade over that space and will protect outdoor furniture like hammocks.

By this point you are probably wondering what is the best caravan awning? This is very hard to answer because not all RV owners want to get the same product. Some are looking for a caravan awning that is easy to set up, with guy ropes and steel pegs. Others are interested in the best possible protection from the sun and don’t want anything that offers less than 90% UVR block. Then, there are those that first check the compatibility of the awning with their exact model of camper van.

Usually, most awnings are suitable for all RV makes, but still, it’s better to double-check this aspect before reaching for your wallet.

Rugs for Underfoot Comfort

rugs for underfoot comfort caravan awning

Source: caravanalia

The bare and cold hard floor in a caravan is the opposite of cosy. Perhaps it is easy to clean, but during prolonged stays with your caravans, you will miss the warmth that your home used to offer. So, if you want to make your van more livable, you need to do something about that floor. Like for instance, adding a few rugs.

Adding an area rug can bring a pop of colour to your surroundings. It can further serve to separate the parts of the RV. You can have a kitchen mat, a runner for places with more traffic, and a bath mat for the toilet. Your feet will feel the difference, especially in the cold mornings when you put them on something other than cold laminate flooring. The new textures and colour patterns will bring fresh life to an otherwise cold and sterile environment.

Some are not satisfied with just adding rugs. They go for full floor makeover and install their favourite planks as a backdrop to their adventures. Floating wood flooring can be a great way to make the interior of your RV look and feel more like home. And this does not exclude the rags, as they can still come on top of your new floor.

Cover Those Walls

Same here as with the floors. RV walls are too bland and cold. Just because you got the RV in such a shape it doesn’t mean it should stay so. Simply changing the wallpaper is a great way to make the walls of your caravan more pleasant to look at. You can pick a wallpaper design that inspires you. It can be a representation of the motto behind your motivation to join the outdoor lifestyle.

Colorado-Patio-Annex caravan awning

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You can also use wallpaper to add more colour to the interior. People have different tastes and it is hard to pinpoint what would be the appropriate colour palette that will make your space feel like home. For example, while some might like earthly tones, other personalities might like pastel colours.

RVing is an active lifestyle with a lot of maintenance projects and checklists are a part of it. You can add a blackboard on a wall to help schedule these activities. This piece can be populated with the next places you want to visit.

Just keep in mind you are attaching stuff to a wall of a vehicle, so go gentle. Avoid holes in the wall, but you can use alternative materials like glue or velcro to keep everything on the wall, even during driving hours.