Interesting Facts About Rock Grinder

Rock grinder is a unique mining machinery that is used for crushing or reducing the size of large rocks. It is also known as a crusher, because it crushes the materials to a size no greater than 3 mm. The mining projects are performed in different working environments and circumstances, and to be successfully completed, they require appropriate type of rock grinder. However, all rock grinder models work in a similar way, and are attached on one end of the excavator. For grinding operations, the rock grinders are the most cost-effective solution which boosts the productivity. Here are few less-known but interesting facts about the rock grinder:


  • The crushing (grinding) operation of mineral ores and rocks can be: fine, medium and abrasive crushing. Therefore, there are three main types of rock grinders.
  • The rock grinder is a cost-efficient and reliable machine that offers many benefits in terms of large crushing ratio, uniform particle size, simple structure, ease of maintenance and incredibly powerful drilling capabilities. There is no other grinding or crushing machine that offers these advantages. For example, a small jaw crusher which is used for crushing abrasive materials increases the productivity, but provides small discharging particle size.
  • Powerful and accurate cuts give the operators a complete control over the operation. Therefore, by using rock grinders, the operators are capable to stick to the right dimensions and ensure best results.
  • Beside the mining industry, the rock grinder can be used for construction projects as well, like highways, railways, and in other industry sectors: chemical industry, metallurgy and etc. This machine is also highly efficient for cleaning and removing debris.
  • The rock grinder is usually used for applications where crushing of raw and abrasive mineral ores is required.
  • Rock grinders are highly resistant to wear, and can be used extensively on the mining sites many hours per day. Highly resistant and durable, the rock grinders are worthy investment that can guarantee powerful performance.

The rock grinder is definitely one of the most efficient machines a miner could have. It is a smart investment that will boost the productivity.