Fact & Myths About Hair Loss

We will all suffer from hair loss at some point in our lives. Even babies suffer from hair loss – they lose hair in order to grow new ones. Women often suffer from hair loss after giving birth and menopause due to the changes in the levels of hormones while men developed hair loss due to stress or as a result of being overweight. But losing few hairs a day is normal and we should be concerned only if the illness progresses and results in bald patches. Then it’s time to look for a cause and solution.
However, what many seem to have the problem with is the abundance of hair loss information – from symptoms and causes to possible treatments. But what really is a fact and what is not.

Can hair loss be associated with stress?
Fact: Yes. When stressed, body produces certain chemicals that have been proven to affect hair growth.

Can hair loss be associated with genetics?
Fact: Yes. Hair loss is, in most cases, a result of genetic inheritance from from maternal or paternal side. If either mother or a father has anyone in the family with a hair loss problem, the chances are children will inherit the gene responsible for hair loss. Thus, the child is likely to experience hair loss at some point in his/her life.


Can Hair loss be experienced at any age?
Fact: Yes. Hair loss is normally noticed after puberty. For men, it can be experienced in the mid-twenties while women usually experience hair loss after menopause.

Can my hairstyle cause hair loss?
Fact: Yes, styles like ponytails or corn rows tend to put tension on the hair, causing hair loss.

Can blow dryers and heated bushes make it worse?
Fact: Frequent exposure to heat can damage hair making it fragile and liable to break.

Does regular brushing stimulate the circulation and prevent hair loss?
Myth: No. Regular brushing is more likely, if you already have a hair loss problem, worsen the condition.

Hair loss happens to old people only?
Myth: No. Hair loss is not linked to age. In fact, for majority of men who suffer from hair loss, the problem began in their early 20s.


Wigs can cause hair loss?
Myth: No. Just make sure the wig is not too tight.

Everyday washing makes hair fall out?
Myth: No. This can only minimize the natural shine of the hair.