How to Throw a Surprise Birthday Party

Ever wondered how to show some extra love to your special people on their birthday? A surprise birthday party is one of the best, if not the greatest, ways to honour someone’s presence and make them feel as important as they are to you and everyone around them!

Step 1: Book the Guest of Honour and Set the Date

The only way to ensure that your friend or family member doesn’t find out about your intentions is to secure a solid promise from them to enjoy their big day with you. Plan a fake get-together, such as a birthday meal with the family or a night out at the bar with your pals.

Having a planned outing on the celebrant’s actual birthday increases the likelihood that they will show up to their own celebration. It also prevents kids from becoming perplexed as to why nobody seems to care about celebrating their birthday. They can even choose a more convenient day, like the weekend before their actual birthday, to have the party.

Step 2: Choose a Location

You should think about the guest of honour’s interests while deciding where to hold the event. Is she more of a formal dinner party kind of gal, or would she enjoy a party at a brewery complete with hay bales and a live local band? Does he enjoy delicious meals, or would he prefer to have everybody go rock climbing?

Don’t forget to take into account the person you’re surprised about and their preferences. If you’re trying to impress a more low-key person, asking them to meet you at a fancy restaurant isn’t going to work. After you’ve booked the venue, you’ll be able to estimate how many people can fit inside. Make sure your guests know six to eight weeks in advance and stress that this is a surprise event so that no one reveals the details.

Step 3: Get Your Sparkling Wine Ready


Without a doubt, Australian sparkling wines are gaining popularity as we speak but champagne’s roots as a celebratory beverage may be traced back to the royal courts of Europe before the French Revolution, where it was considered a sign of social rank. And who doesn’t enjoy a glass of sparkling wine on their birthday?

Of course, food is also important, so don’t overlook it. The party will go off with a bang if everyone is well-fed and energised, so unless you’re planning a three-course meal, pass the appetisers (such as mini sandwiches or meat and cheese spread) around along with some flavourful Australian sparkling wines.

Pinot Chardonnay and Shiraz Pinot Noir are two wines that go well with a variety of meals, from light to heavy. The former is based on the classic French champagne recipe and has a nice balance of acidity, fruitiness and minerality. The latter is slightly lighter, with an inviting nose of blackcurrant, red berry and chocolate.

Moreover, the classic Rose Brut has a light pink hue and aromas of fresh flowers, red apples and citrus fruits. Its slightly off-dry finish paired with the small bubbles of carbonation result in a pleasantly balanced sparkling wine that leaves the taste buds refreshed.

Finally, the widely-loved Prosecco is an Italian sparkling delight, with a bouquet of fresh-cut green apples and herbs. It has an elegant body, refreshing acidity and subtle notes of pear and citrus. It doesn’t feel too heavy, with slight bubbles that linger on the tongue.

Step 4: Order Decorations


Banners, balloons, and flowers are all great ways to decorate for a party and help establish the mood. Simply by clicking a few buttons on your computer, you can create a coordinated and visually appealing holiday display by matching the hues used in your various decorative elements. Have gifts and party favours ordered ahead of time. Having unexpected guests show up when you already have a full plate might be stressful.

Step 5: Suggest gift ideas to guests

Make sure to mention any gift criteria – and funny gift ideas – in the group message. Provide information like whether or not there will be a gift table at the event, or provide links to online stores carrying the birthday girl’s favourite items. It is more convenient to send gifts, such as flowers or gift baskets, to the recipient’s home after the party has ended. They are also convenient because guests don’t have to worry about taking their gifts home after the party.

Putting together a special photo album is one option. This souvenir is a great way to keep your guests occupied before the celebration starts. Don’t forget to bring a camera to the celebration and have some photos printed to add to the album.

Step 6: Time It Right


At a surprise party, the timing is important. Visitors should show there at least 30 minutes before the birthday star. Remind everyone that being on time is crucial, as arriving at the same time as the guest of honour would be disastrous.

Have guests fill out “would you rather” cards you’ve printed up in advance as they wait for the birthday celebration to start. Light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages should be provided so that the guest of honour doesn’t feel left out of the celebration.

Step 7: Have Fun!

It’s okay if things don’t go as planned. It is possible that some people will need to cancel their attendance. It’s possible for the balloons to fly away when you open the car door. At the end of the day, it all comes down to throwing the most unexpected birthday party possible. And that’s a lot of fun for everyone included. So enjoy yourself and make sure to invite everyone to the dancefloor!