The Truths and Myths about Home Office Furniture

Home Office Furniture

As much as people like to think that working from home has more disadvantages than advantages, I have to disagree strongly from various points of view. I mean, if you have the space and opportunity to have the office in your house, how powerful and smart is that? You don’t have to leave the house unless you really have to, if you work with people they get to come to you, and you get to design it and spend as much as you like on its perfect look. So, unless you work at Apple or are the editor of Vogue magazine, then creating your office by your taste is a far better option than working in a cubicle.

Don’t get all scared by the thought of designing your own office; it doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on it. On the contrary, since you decided to work from home, your work is probably done by mostly using a computer, a phone and paper. So, the area you should pay most attention to would be to get the right home office furniture. Meaning: don’t clutter your working space, but be economic and effective instead. Here are some myths and truths about the home office debunked:

Paperless office

Okay, so we live in a digital era and everything these days is done on a computer: conversations, documents and all other sorts of stuff. But, thinking that you can go completely paperless is delusional because eventually you’re going to need something signed and archived not worrying that eventually a hacker will make his way into your files or that a terrible mistake will just make everything disappear. A desk with a few drawers can be of great help here; you won’t really need entire shelving solutions, but just a few drawers to place your folders with important documents in.

Second hand furniture

No, it is not cheaper. People tend to make conclusions based solely on the price and do not include expenses like assembly, time of delivery and actual cost of delivery, which makes both items cost pretty much the same. You can get great office furniture online for example; it won’t be used and it could still probably cost you as much as if you got it from a store.

Looks don’t matter

Hmm – I can’t think of an argument that will support this claim. Looks matter a lot, especially if the space you have at your disposal is small. Now a large utilitarian business desk may work perfectly if you were, let’s say in Harvey Specter’s office, but it will not do much if you have to place it in a very small room in your apartment. On the other hand, a small desk with few drawers, and a nice ergonomic chair will do perfectly well; this will especially help in not cluttering your working area.

So, think small but effective. After all, small and effective can be fancy; vice versa is very debatable.

The chair

When people say home office, the thing they get most concerned with is whether they will have enough space for all the folders, paper clips, pens and pencils and similar office material. Normally, that brings the attention to the desk, which as we said, is not the most important thing at all, considering the convenience of the digital era. It is the chair! You will be sitting on it for more than 8 hours a day, so getting the right ergonomical chair should be your main concern. Look for the most ergonomic option with a fancy design that will provide you with a good back support and will also feature arm holders.

Bottom line, if you thought that your home office is going to cost you a fortune and will waste you precious time designing it, you are so wrong. Do not fuss over it and focus on choosing pieces of home office furniture that will help you perform at your best. Good luck!