Vintage Inspired 1920s Style Hats for a Stylish Look

Who doesn’t love the stylish cloche hats? This 20s statement fashion accessory is a synonym for aristocracy and has found its place not only in the Hollywood blockbuster movies (remember Angelina Jolie in the film Changeling” – the cloche hats she wore perfectly accentuated her beautiful facial features; feminine and sexy at the same time), but also in women’s wardrobes. Apparently, cloche hats along with wide brimmed styles, are the next big trend for the upcoming Fall-Winter season.

Even if you are not really a hat person (nor have ever been), and do not plan to buy hats, you need to get yourself one. With so many styles available, you’ll surely find the just-right cloche hat that will fit your vibe. You may even surprise yourself and snag not one but buy hats of different styles, and rock everything from glamorous cloche and statement beanie to fedoras, trilbys and 90s staple pork pie hats. You will easily find your perfect version as all hat styles come in different shapes, sizes and colours.

But how much do you actually know about 20s hats? Here’s a brief history and how they became so popular.

1920s Cloche Hat


Coming from the French word “bell”, cloche is the iconic hat of the Jazz age. They were decorated with a small ribbon trim, feather or an embroidery daintily applied to the right side of the hat. Women usually wore them low, just over the eyebrows with their chins up and eye cast down to create a look of feminine independence. In 1924 however, women started curling up the brim or angling it out. By the end of the decade, the preferred cloche style was no-brim one. Cloche hats were made of straw or cloth depending on the season.

1920s Garden Hats Styles


Even though tight fitting cloche hat was among the most popular ones, the big hats of the past decade were still influencing the 1920s women’s fashion. In the early years of 1920s, the wide brimmed garden hats were very popular, especially the broad straw garden ones with a large artificial flowers or a wide sash of silk.

1920s Musketeer Hat


Influenced by the film , “The Three Musketeers”, these hats, also know as Cavalier hats were either made of straw (for summer) or crafted from rich velvet (worn to keep warm in winter). They were even more popular with the front brim folded up and adorned with a dangling feather, ribbon, jewel or tassel.

1920s The Tam O’Shanter Hat


The Tam O’Shanter has Scottish roots and was worn by both men and women, although as a fashion item, it was designed just for females. Sewn from wool or knitted, the Tam hat was something between a beret and turban and was mainly popular with flappers. It became popular thanks to the film star Clara Bow in the mid 20s.

1920s Sporty Beret


Berets were already popular among trendy teens, mainly because of their sporty look, which is what made them ideal to wear with almost any outfit. Floppy felt or fabric held low on the head, they were adorned with either a thin leather band or knit band in winter.

1920s Toque Hats

6These hats were worn on top of the head rather than down around the forehead

and were the number one choice for older ladies and those who didn’t want to look like a flapper. However, flappers also adopted this type of style by moving hats down their foreheads and decorating them with different types of stones and jewelry.

1920s Turbans


A turban, still very much popular among women, is basically a piece of cloth wrapped horizontally around the head. Accessorized with jewels and features, turban was the only hat worn exclusively on formal occasions.