he Letterbox Style to Rule Them All for the Homeowner Who Wants It All

What’s a letterbox to a homeowner? Well, it depends what type of homeowner you’re asking. Whether it’s one that considers only a few main things worth wasting time and attention, or one with a keen eye for details, to which every piece of the puzzle counts. Since you’re already here, I’d take it you belong to the latter type, in which case, I couldn’t agree more. Details are essential and in the case of letterboxes, they are not merely functional addition, they also offer the option for the personalization of one’s space and adding to the aesthetic value to the home.

Letterboxes can talk, not only through the things the postman is to put inside them, but also through their appearance, so let’s see what they can say. Regardless of whether you prefer the urban or rural styles, timber letterboxes are the one choice to rule them all when it comes to matching different types of exterior design. The reason for this is the timelessness of wood as material itself and its unmatchable beauty. However, wood alone cannot create a look that matches both a traditional and modern setting – the design of timber letterboxes has to be sleek and in minimalist style.


When thinking of a wooden letterbox, in most people, this phrase conjures the image of a dark brown timber structure. However, sleekness can also be communicated through colour, and for that all-matching mission we’re looking for, the dark brown may come as a tad bit heavier than necessary. Light, bare wood colour on the other hand, serves this purpose quite well.

The shape of the letterbox should also follow the rule of less is more and stick to simplicity. The rectangular shape gives enough space without appearing bulky and it’s a common choice for those keen on the newly emerged mid-century modern style. A letterbox in such simple shape, well chosen material and colour speaks volumes about the fine taste of the homeowner.

To sum it up, if you’re a homeowner that wants to stand out in the most elegant way possible, the features described above are just what you need to look for as to complete the look of your outdoors with a functional letterbox. Finally, make sure the timber the letterbox is made of comes from sustainable sources and has a guarantee for durability, dimensional stability and quality and requires less frequent maintenance for the sake of your piece of mind.