The Interesting Reality of Swim Spas – Reasons Why You Need One at Home

If you are lucky enough to have a backyard where you can enjoy the beautiful weather with your loved ones, then it’s imperative that you use it to create your little home oasis where you can unwind. Let me present you something new and different – a home swim spa. It is a system in which fitness and relaxation are blended in one offering the best of both worlds. This unit uses powerful currents of water allowing you to swim continuously combined with a spot to relax and enjoy all the advantages of hydrotherapy. Plus, you can completely control the water’s temperature so you can use the unit for the whole year.

However, the number of styles and features that the wide range of swim spa Australia stores offer might make buying the right one for you a bit difficult. So, when buying a swim spa, make sure you have these few basic things in mind: your swimming experience, the design of the model, its dimensions and ease of maintenance. If you are still in doubt whether you need a swim spa or not, here are a few reasons that I’m sure will help you decide.

Swim Spa

Best of both worlds

Pools are great, but they need more space and they are a little bit more expensive. On the other hand, home spas are great but they do not offer the flexibility for recreation and fitness. This makes the swimming spa a real winner. It is divided into two main sections, one with more open space for swimming and the other one is smaller with seats for relaxation. The seats are usually with ergonomic design for comfort, it has a user-friendly control system for temperature adjustments and powerful hydrotherapy-inducing jets.

Reduces pain

The massage and the warm water will relieve your muscle from the tension and soothe your sore joints. Spending even 20 minutes in the swimming spa is enough for an improved range of motion, improved symptoms of arthritis, enhanced mobility and flexibility as well as fewer headaches. Your body will finally feel free from all the stress and you’ll no longer feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

Relaxation and stress relief

To get your body into a relaxing state, you don’t need to go any further than your backyard. You can create an ultimate outdoor oasis including exterior lighting, water features, patio furniture and of course an outdoor swim spa. All you need is to get into the hot water, get yourself comfortable and enjoy your time for pure relaxation.

Low-impact exercise

Put on your bathing suit and get ready for some exercise. Working out in the swim spa will help release the pressure from your body thus making you feel weightless. This makes exercising in water more effective and appealing because you won’t feel tired right from the start. You will be able to exercise with ease and enjoy the perks it offers like maintaining a healthy lifestyle and losing weight. Water enables a low-impact workout but it also adds a good amount of resistance so you can swim, run or walk burning more calories.

Better sleep

20 minutes in the swim spa before bed can make a world of difference for the quality of your sleep, claim many swim spa Australia users. When your body and muscles start experiencing all the goodness of your swim spa on a daily basis, you will start enjoying a better sleep pattern. The hot water and the sensation from the jets is the perfect therapy to help your body get ready for sleep.