The Interesting Reality of Pool Cleaners and Their Benefits

Having a pool in your backyard is a dream of many homeowners. It is an investment that you certainly won’t regret as it will provide you with a lot of relaxing and fun time with your loved ones. However, to be able to enjoy all the perks of your swimming pool, you need to keep it clean. This will also prolong its lifespan, reduce maintenance costs and prevent the growth of bacteria. All you really need to do for your pool to look crystal clear is install an automatic pool cleaner.

pool cleaners

Automatic pool cleaners are divided into three main types: suction, pressure and robotic pool cleaners. Suction cleaners are very cost-effective, easy to install and use. Pressure automatic cleaners are efficient and fast. They improve the circulation of water and distribute the clean, filtered water throughout the entire pool without clogging the pool skimmer and filter. Last but not least, robotic pool cleaners are equipped with more special features that are determined by your pool. They are self-contained, which means they ease the wear and tear of the pump and filter and offer the quickest pool cleaning method. So, which type of pool cleaner you’ll choose will depend on your needs, but regardless of your choice, they all share pretty much the same benefits. Here are just some of them.

Easy to install

No matter whether you are building your pool from scratch or you already own one, installing and maintaining an automatic cleaner is fairly easy in both new pools and existing ones. When it comes to the cleaning limits of this device, you can have total peace of mind as they can clean a lot of different types of debris from your pool including twigs, leaves, algae and other particles without a hassle.

Easy to work with

Same as your pool, pool cleaners also need to be cleaned. Fortunately, one of the biggest benefits of these devices is their easy maintaining. All you need to do is empty the filter bag once it gets full and put it back again. They are super easy to install but they are also easy to remove any time you want to enjoy swimming.


Generally, the automatic pool cleaner is an affordable piece of equipment. Coming in a range of models and sizes, these units do a great job when it comes to keeping your pool clean. Some of the more advanced models can be used to chemically treat your pool for much better results. Different models come at different price tags, which means that you should definitely shop around first before making the final buying decision.