Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Products Myths & Facts

A neat and clean house used to be armed with a bucket, a broom and bleach, but the times have changed. Nowadays, cleaning products need to be safe for us and the environment, yet be effective to do the same job as bleach. Hence why growing number of people splurge on green cleaners, which is why the sales of green (Eco-friendly) cleaning products have increased for 35%. But the question is, are they worth the price? Are they as natural and healthy as they promise to be? In many cases the answer is no.


We have asked experts and put together a list of myths and facts about Eco-friendly cleaning products. Take a look.

Q: Are all Eco-friendly (natural) cleaners better for me and the planet?

A: Not all of them unfortunately. Although there are regulation, they haven’t been ‘perfected’ yet. Many manufacturers can claim and market cleaning products as green, while still using hazardous chemicals. Even though Eco cleaners contain significantly less toxins and more healthy ingredients, however since they are not regulated, manufacturers can make misleading claims that are unproven.

Q: Which products to choose?

A: Certain manufacturers like Clorox Green Works, Vileda, ECOS, SC Johnson’s Nature’s Source and Method are an example of what a green product should look like. Some manufacturers are replacing the hazardous toxins with healthier, while others use few phthalates (used for adding fragrance to the cleaning products). When buying online cleaning supplies and products, look for the ones that have been tested and approved.

Q: Do green cleaners work as the traditional (chemical) ones?

A: Experts tell that most of them actually work the same. Some Eco-friendly cleaners can also disinfect. The most common ingredients used in this type of sanitizing products are citric and lactic acid, as well as hydrogen peroxide.


DIY Home Cleaners

The greenest option are the DIY cleaners because you can control the ingredients. The best and most used homemade green cleaner is made of water, baking soda and white vinegar. This is maybe the best Eco-friendly cleaning product ever that can clean and disinfect at the same time. From grease stains an oil spills to wine and other stubborn stains, this solution can deal with anything.

How To Shop For Green Products?

  • Minimize or avoid to use products labeled with words as “corrosive”, “poison”, “flammable”, “warning”.
  • Look for products that are certified as ‘green’ on the label.
  • Avoid aerosol sprays because they often contain “vocs”, volatile organic compounds, emitting volatile organic compounds.
  • When buying online cleaning supplies and products always choose fragrant free cleaners. The sprayed scent contains tons of chemicals that can irritate the skin and lungs.