Doormat: Brighten Up Your Home’s Busiest Walkways

A doormat can not only transform the overall look of your property but also reduce the entry of dirt into your home by 90%. An attractive entrance doormat is more likely to encourage guests to wipe their feet and thereby reduce the spread of dirt around the entire space.

What Are the Benefits of Using Doormats?

Benefits of Using Doormats

Prevent Dust and Debris Entering Your Home

Most of the contaminants that affect a domestic unit come from the people’s footwear within the building. By placing a mat in your entryway door, you will be ensuring that your family and visitors have a place to wipe up their shoes before entering your home. An entrance mat helps guard your living space against all kinds of debris and other similar particles.

No Muddy Floors During Raining Days

Rain is an obstacle for anyone willing to keep their flooring in clean and perfect condition, as it generally results in muddy and wet shoes. By placing a good quality mat to welcome your guests at the doorway, you won’t need to worry about muddy floor during the rainy season anymore.

Reduce Maintenance

More than keeping your home flooring in a safe condition, durable entryways also tend to reduce the level or extent of maintenance you may require carrying out in your home and daily cleaning activities. All you have to bother about is cleaning the mat regularly to maintain your home in clean condition.

Cost Saving Option

Both flooring and its maintenance can be expensive. Dust, debris and dirt may result in scratching, staining and a range of other issues. By placing a mat in your entrance door you’ll be avoiding spills on the floor surfaces and preventing any wear and tear problems. Replacing durable mats will cost you a lot less than replacing your flooring.

Creates Good Impression Among Visitors

Doormat in welcome pattern

Doormats are available in stunning patterns and colours that can provide an excellent decorative touch to any entryway. Actually, a doormat with a welcoming message is the best way to greet guests whenever they enter your home. For a wow factor, add a planter next to your doormat. Consider a self-watering planter that will stand out without much maintenance or regular watering for the plants.

How to Choose the Right One?

Nowadays you can find doormats made off a range of materials. Selecting the right one can make a great difference when it comes to durability, performance and value for money. In fact, much of the mat’s performance is attributed to the materials from which it is made. Getting to know the different materials’ characteristics can be helpful when choosing an entry mat to make sure it can stand up to the job.

Dog mat medium size

Some materials have the ability to wick away moisture more effectively than others and have inherent quick-drying properties. Some fibres retain their structure, making them crush-resistant. Some materials are by their very composition, simply more durable. Coir and other natural fibres can make cute doormats, but they will last less than a rubber or polypropylene rope doormat. Natural fibres will retain water and rot, plus they can take on an odour. Avoid lightweight mats that can easily be disrupted by the wind. The right doormat should be able to endure sun, salt, mud, sand and snow and still look great.

What Size Doormat Do I Need?

One of the most commonly purchased sizes for a doormat is 45x75cm, which will work fine for single doors. For larger front doors with sidelights, you should consider increasing the size up to 53 x 85 cm or even going up to 60 x 91 cm. And don’t forget about clearance. There are many people who buy a luxurious thick doormat only to find the front door won’t open over it. So, don’t forget to measure clearance if your door will open over your mat.

Should Doormat Be Inside or Outside?

Should Doormat Be Inside or Outside

If in addition to your front door, if you also have doors to the back or side yards, make sure all of them have doormats. They can be used either inside or outside. Using the mat outside is the best way to keep dirt, water and mud outside your home. Inside by the front door, the mat can be a handy place to keep shoes or slippers.

How to Clean a Doormat?

How to Clean a Doormat

Probably the easiest way to clean an entry mat is to grab a hose and wash it down, right at the door. If this sounds convenient for you, consider a woven rope doormat. The design allows sand and dirt to pass through it and the water flows through as well. But make sure the rope is a fast-drying one, like polypropylene.

If your mat traps dirt, then the best way to clean it may be with a good vacuuming, a sweeping with a broom or using the old-fashioned trick – whacking against the wall.