Say “I Do”: Interesting Wedding Décor Ideas to Give Your Day the Wow Factor

“Together is a beautiful place to be”. Imagine all your beloved friends and family in one place, with great food and a magical atmosphere. Combining the right décor pieces will help you to achieve your fairy tale wedding and spend an unforgettable evening. Wedding décor doesn’t come easy – it requires preparation and it needs to be well thought out. Before you go and spontaneously buy a piece of décor, make sure you make a detailed plan about what the finished result should look like – the style you’re aiming for and the colours you plan to include. Remember that you don’t need to decorate every single nook and cranny to create the desired aesthetic. Oftentimes, a few well-chosen pieces will work best.

Mirror Décor

Mirrors have been trendy wedding decorations for years. They are versatile and add drama to the space. Mirrors can be incorporated in wedding events in many different shapes and forms – vases, tables, welcome signs, table runners, etc. They are a cost-efficient way to make an impact on your big day and add a dose of glitz and glamour. As chic as these elements are, they can also get overwhelming sometimes. Although the size largely depends on personal preferences, adding too many large mirrors can give off a tacky and distasteful look.

mirrored wedding decor with roses

Mirror Centerpieces

Centrepiece mirrors are a creative way to brighten up your wedding tables and they lay an elegant foundation for your wedding tables’ displays. They’re small, stylish and versatile. The best thing about the mirror centerpiece is its ability to reflect light, either from pendant lights or candles. This can create the illusion of a larger space and enhance other décor elements, such as the centrepiece flowers.

How to Accessorize Mirror Centerpieces?

These décor elements go well with practically any colour or design style. They are available in traditional circular shapes or rectangular shapes for a more modern look. Wedding mirror centrepieces can go well even with minimal decorations. You can choose a classic and simple mirror centerpiece that’s decorated with faux pearls or jewels, or a mirror tray.

mirror centerpiece decorated with bouquete of roses and candles

In terms of the centrepiece elements you’ll put on your mirror, the most famous decorations are candles, as the flames’ reflection from the mirror gives off a beautiful warm vibe. You can add any type of flower bouquets, faux gems and other decorations. Scattering some flower petals around will also contribute to the overall aesthetic of the centrepiece. If you don’t prefer messy candles, you can add a lantern surrounded by flowers or flower petals instead. Lastly, finish off your wedding table décor with a framed table number.


Good lighting is another impactful décor element for your wedding. There are various types of lighting that you can include in your wedding event. One popular lighting trend is uplighting, where the base is placed on the ground and the light source is pointing the light upward. You can choose traditional chandeliers, bare pendant lights for a more modern setting, spotlights or anything you prefer. Adding modern Japanese lanterns will make your evening even more magical.

Fairy Lights

String lights are an ever-popular lighting décor element for wedding events, especially in the outdoors. They have the ability to turn any space into an enchanted fairy tale scene. There are many ways to include fairy lights into your big day:

  • Pair fairy lights and a table set with candles;
  • Combine a horizontal and a vertical layer of string lights;
  • Pair fairy lights with rattan pendants;
  • Create an accent wall of fairy lights;
  • Use multiple layers to achieve bigger illumination;
  • Trap them in lanterns;
  • Wrap them around trees to create illuminated focal points;
  • Wrap them around small decorative trees;
  • Hang fairy lights over the dance floor;
  • Use them as a ceremonial ceiling, or wrapped around the ceremonial arch;
  • Hang them as vertical light-string vines;
  • Use fairy lights encased in paper lanterns;


We can rarely see swings at wedding events which is quite a shame. These décor elements add magic and playfulness to any wedding setting. They’re also super fun for the kids. Playing around the swings keeps them entertained and occupied, so they don’t go around causing trouble.
Swings add a lot of fun to a wedding, and with a bit of accessorizing they can look gorgeous. Just add a base cushion, a couple of decorative pillows and wrap flowers around the ropes.

bride on wedding swing

Couple Photography

Personalizing a wedding makes it more intimate. You can easily do this by including photographs of your life together. Place a framed picture of you as a couple at various destinations on each table. If you want to go even further, you can include table cards with various interesting facts about your relationship like your first encounter, favourite memories and awkward moments. This is a fun way to include personality and it can encourage guests to walk over to tables and socialize.

Decorate with Your Wedding Vows

Including wedding vows in your decoration is another way to personalize your wedding event. There are different ways in which you can display them. You can display them as a backdrop – printed on a large canvas, put them in cards on the wedding tables, or put all your vows together in small stylish notebooks on each table.

Wedding Signs

Wedding signs are a growing trend in wedding décor. They’re versatile, stylish, and add a personalized touch as well. Wedding signs can be used for many different purposes: welcoming signs, directional signs, family photo signs, wedding menu and drink offerings etc. You can even include photo booth signs, which are fun decorations that will encourage socializing.

beautiful white wedding sign decorated with white and pink roses

The Bottom Line

Picking the right wedding décor is difficult when you’re torn between the latest trends in décor and your own preferences. Well-picked and creative wedding décor will transform your wedding event into a magical fairy tale. Mirror centrepieces are simple and elegant additions that reflect the lights and enhance the beauty of the flower bouquets. Adding some personal touches can improve the overall mood and open conversation topics for a lot of guests who don’t know each other that well. Calligraphy notes and signs are by themselves stylish decorations. Decorative swings not only improve the fun and serve as a fancy couple seating but also allow you to take gorgeous photos.