Interesting Facts About Diamonds

Diamonds are very popular, luxurious and the most sought-after gemstones worldwide because of their ‘never break’ and shining features. Diamond rings are symbols for anniversaries, weddings and engagement celebrations. Looking back in history, diamonds have always been symbols for never-ending love. Their value and beauty are as unique as the individuals who wear them and are available in many different forms, styles and sizes. The value of each diamond is determined using the 4 C’s chart – carat, color, cut and clarity. If you are a diamond lover or you already own diamond jewelry, here are few interesting facts you may not know about these luxury gemstones.


  • The word Diamond comes from the Greek word “adamas”, which means “indestructible and unconquerable”.
  • The oldest diamonds in the world were created about 3.3 billion years ago.
  • In 1447, Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave the first diamond ring to his wife Mary of Burgundy.
  • People in ancient times believed that diamonds were symbols of courage, strength and invincibility.
  • The first diamonds were first found in India and later in Brazil.
  • The biggest diamond ever found weights around 2.27 thousand trillion tons. In other word, this is a 10 billion trillion trillion-carat diamond.
  • Approximately 250 tones of earth needs to mined to produce just one 1-carat diamond.
  • Diamonds last forever because they are indestructible. For example, f you want to burn a diamond, you must expose it to temperatures of around 700°C .
  • Are you born in April? If yes, your birthstone is diamond.
  • Diamond need to be cut and polished before ready for use. In this process every diamond loses around 50% of its standard weight.
  • More than 80% of all diamonds in the world are not suitable for jewelry making.
  • Since 1906, approximately 70,000 diamonds have been discovered in Arkansas in the Crater of Diamonds State Park.
  • Cullinan with 3106 carats
  • Cullinan with 3106 carats is the largest diamond ever found.
  • The color of diamonds is usually yellow, but it can also be blue, brown, red, green, orange, black and pink.