Rose Wine Facts

Very little do we know about the perfect middle-ground between the reds and whites. When the signature song of France’s greatest singer, Edith Piaf La Vie en Rose begins, and as it cuts through the night it may challenge your wish to go either burgundy or white. But why not drink Rose wine? Rose wine has been unfairly overlooked, for it truly grows on you, once you get to know it.


How Come It’s Pink?

Firstly, it is very important to shed some light on the very nature of Rose wine. There is a major, common misunderstanding that Rose is simply a mixture of red and white wine. This turns out to be very untrue and untypical regarding the common practice of making the Rose. In fact, it is produced in a manner much similar to the process of producing red wine, only everything is done much gentler and the skin of the grapes is removed quite early in the process so that the pink colour and the light taste is ensured. It is also known to be rather inexpensive option and people have started to drink Rose wine more frequently and the interest is constantly rising.

The Younger the Better

Unlike red wine, Rose should be drank before aging. The flavour does not undergo significant changes as time goes by, but if you truly want to devour your favourite Rose wine, “the younger, the better” should be your rule of thumb. You can learn to recognize the freshest Rose wines just by looking for the ones that taste the sweetest or the fruitiest, just be careful not to get a wine that contains sugar. This is not only bad news for your teeth, but added sugar also reduces the mineral quality of the wine.

Pink’s Not Picky

Yes, pink really goes with everything! When you drink Rose wine be sure that this divine drink is food-friendly and perfectly suits whichever meal you’re having. However, Rose wines come in many shades, so it might take you a while before you find the prefect one for you. One thing is sure though, you’ll certainly go pink once you discover the summery feel it triggers.

So, when the next mellow, crispy-cold or soft-summary night arrives, make sure you’re having fun savoring some sweet delight, make yourself cozy and have a sip of fresh Rose wine. It will inevitably warm your heart and just like a red wine, when consumed in moderation, Rose has positive health benefits on your both body and mind.