Funny Gift Ideas to Make Your Friends Laugh

With birthdays, holidays, Christmas and bachelor/bachelorette parties always on the horizon, there’s always a need for good gift ideas. Special occasions are a perfect time to reflect on all the ways your friends have been there for you. While sentimental gifts are an obvious way to express your love, funny gifts can sometimes make more sense for your relationship.

Whether you’re looking for a fun party game for your friend who’s still in college, or the one who has an upcoming birthday, or you want to surprise your soon-to-be-bride best friend, here are some fun gift ideas that guarantee a very long ‘ha-ha’. Be ready for laughs, hugs, love and maybe a few tears.

Funny Dessert Boxes

Rude-Finger-funnyIf you’re looking for funny gifts that are delicious and convenient for every occasion, dessert boxes are an ideal choice. These little boxes of joy are the perfect way to shower your friends with affection. Being extremely versatile and fun, they are ultimate funny food gift which will indulge your friends with the utmost in sweet treats.

You can easily send a message to your best friend of how annoying they are with a middle finger box featuring a glazed middle finger and a Nutella jar. Funny boxes usually come with a free personalised message, so you can tell your friend you’re joking (or not). Or, you can order this box and get delivered to a friend stock in lockdown, who need to show the middle finger to homeschool, covid, lockdown and just 2020 in general.

For your friend who just had a baby, you can send a funny dessert box with double boob doughnuts that feature milk bottle lollies and a personalised message. Laugh is guaranteed, and the mouth-watering flavour is just a bonus. Since your friend is going to be breastfeeding, you can opt for tasty vegan doughnuts, with just the right amount of icing and a subtle strawberry flavour which goes well with the doughnut.

A funny cake is a gift for every occasion. From giant Nutella rocher cake to giant M&M doughnut cake, you can find a perfect match for everyone. These cakes are fun, delicious, full of flavours, and the mini Nutella jar in the middle is just adorable.boobbox funny

Funny Mug

Drinking coffee or tea in a funny mug is a great way to kick start one’s day. Funny mugs are excellent gift ideas since they can be easily personalised any way you want them. You can surprise your best friend with a personalised mug that features quotes like “Best Effin Friend” or “You’re the Monica to my Rachel”. Or you can make light of the current times with this coffee mug, decorated with a funny version of a subway map. They can take the green line from the bedroom to the fridge, or the purple line from the TV to the chair. Make sure that the ink on your mate’s cup is eco-friendly, lead-free, and dishwasher and microwave-safe.

Funny Oven Mits

If you have a friend that is a great cook, funny oven mitts can be a delightful gift. Make sure they include a witty quote, so they can laugh every time they serve something tasty. The best oven mitts have a silicone exterior and cotton liner, for maximum protection and pleasant feel.

Talking Harry Potter Sorting Hat

harry potterGifting your friend that is the biggest Harry Potter fan with the whole set of books or movies is a classy move. However, there is a funny gift for this purpose too – a talking Harry Potter sorting hat. This hat guarantees successful surprise and hours of fun for your friend. They just need to put it on, press the button, and it’ll announce their house – every Harry Potter fan’s dream! This gift usually comes with a sticker book of the Harry Potter house crests so one can claim theirs once the house is declared.

Funny Calendar

A wall calendar full of phrases and photographs guarantees new doses of laugh every month. You can easily find a crumpy cat calendar, thoughts of a dog calendar, one with quotes about nurses or any other theme you know your friend will love. You can also make a personalised one, featuring photos with different facial expressions of your friend for every month. Funny calendars are great gifts since they allow you to be creative.

Funny Coasters

If your friend just loves perfectly laid tables, funny coasters might be an ideal present. It’s best to opt for wooden coasters since they’re sturdy and durable. Make sure to include a witty encrypted quote that will provoke laughs with every meal.

Funny Magnets

You can easily transform one of your friends’ funny selfie into a custom made magnet. That means the lucky recipient will be blessed with a sketch of their face whenever they open the fridge