Natural Deodorant: The Line Between Toxins & Great Smell is Thin

People are finally beginning to understand that what they put in their bodies affects their health. A few decades ago, the general understanding of the important role diet played in our health was not quite where it is today. Back in those times, no one was really worried about the pro-inflammatory effects of sugar, or looking for gluten-free options, or knew that dairy is one of the most allergenic foods. But now, more and more individuals are becoming aware that what they put in their bodies can affect their health.


The next great discovery in terms of maximizing our health was linked to the products we use on our skin. Did you know that the deodorant you put on each morning is believed to pose a great health risk to your body over time? Deodorants contain a range of ingredients that pose serious health concerns, from minor skin irritation to increased risk of breast cancer. Since we cannot live without our deodorant, a great solution to prevent illnesses is to use natural deodorants.

Natural deodorants don’t contain any harsh chemicals, preservatives or fragrance. They are made with essential oils and other natural ingredients to help keep us fresh and odour-free. If you have sensitive skin, there is also natural deodorant for sensitive skin formulated to leave your skin feeling smooth and nourished, instead of sore and irritated like deodorants that contain harmful chemicals.

Many of the ingredients used in natural deodorant for sensitive skin and other types of skin as well, have been used for centuries, developed from ancient remedies, well known for their incredible benefits for the skin. And the best part is that these ingredients don’t cause any adverse side effect to the body.


If when looking to buy a natural deodorant you don’t find one specially designed for women or men, this is because deodorant for men and deodorant for women is nothing more than a market ploy. The thing is that although women have more sweat glands than men, men’s sweat glands produce more sweat. So, at the end of the day, both of them need an effective deodorant. In fact, most deodorants for both men and women have the same amount of active ingredients and the only things that differentiate them are packaging and fragrance.

Deodorant advertises have also done a pretty good job of convincing us that we are smelly creatures who need to be refined by their products. The fact is, most people don’t smell as bad as they think they do. You can get an idea of your own personal smell by checking your earwax. If you have a white, flaky ear gunk, you may not need your deodorant as much as you think you do. But if you have a dark and sticky wax, don’t leave home without your deodorant. According to studies, dry earwax producers miss a chemical in their pits that the odor-causing bacteria feed on.

In addition to using natural deodorants, other natural ways to stay fresh and odor-free is to maintain good hygiene by washing your skin regularly and thoroughly drying it to avoid bacterial or fungal growth, and to watch what you eat. Certain foods cause the body to sweat more, such as spicy foods, processed food, garlic and onion, caffeine and alcohol. Limit your intake of these to avoid excessive sweat and body odor.