Multitools: Tiny, Versatile, Interesting and Mighty

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From being used only by the army to being in the pockets of millions of everyday Joes, multitools have come a long way in the past decade or two. While not much has changed in their design multi tools are now available in more variations than ever, and they’re constantly evolving, whether it’s by becoming more compact, sturdy, or including more tools. A multitool is any tool that has many different utensils and other types of tools into one. Being able to fold in neatly allows multi tools to be extremely portable and highly versatile. Today’s multi tools can be equipped with up to 20 different tools and they can fit in your pocket or workman belt. There are many reasons why people carry multitools when they go camping, hiking, hunting or just have one sitting in their passenger compartment to help them deal with any issues that may arise at any point throughout the day.

Why Carry a Multitool?

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Make Day to Day Life Easier

Whatever it is that you’re doing daily, a multitool can come in handy in a wide range of situations. From simple tasks like opening up a can of tuna, to tightening a few loose screws around the house, there isn’t much that multi tools can’t do. Whether you buy multi tool online or from a physical store, you’ll get a wide range of tools compactly fitted into one, whereas carrying all of them separately would require a toolbox. 

Be Self Sufficiency

Being ready for any challenge ahead means that you won’t have to worry about fastening a screw or cutting up some branches when needed. Adapting to any situation is what a multitool provides you with, thus making your life easier and more manageable. While it won’t solve big world problems when you buy multitool online you can expect it to make the small, yet important tasks in life much easier.

Can You Carry a Multitool in Australia?

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Carrying a multitool in Australia is legal, but you can’t carry them in public all the time. You can’t use it for self-defense, for example. If you want to carry a multi tool in public places, your profession has to require one, and it should be completely out of sight. This means you shouldn’t be carrying it on your work belt

What Can a Multi Tool Be Used For?

Working with multitool on a bike

Tightening Screws and Bolts

You already know that a multitool is a tool that you can rely on – But what exactly can do with it? Well, most multitools come with some type of screwdrivers, such as Torx or Phillips. So for instance, if you end up having a loose drawer handle that keeps falling out, Just get the multitool and tighten it. You can even screw small screws, like those on your glasses, using the blade of the knife.

Removing Splinters & Adjusting Your Belt

Although quite unusual, you can also use a multi tool to take out splinters from your skin. The majority of multi tools come with tweezers nowadays, so no matter what type of model you choose, it will probably include one. Just make sure that you’re removing the splinter with needle-nose tweezers.
Again, quite an unusual use of a multi tool but it can come in very handy. Adding a notch on your belt can require a specialised tool made just for that purpose. But with a multitool, you can use the awl that comes on it to make a hole. It is as easy as using that special tool and you don’t have to search for it when you need it as your pocket friend is always there.

Opening Cans and Bottles

A good addition to multi tools is that they can come with a bottle opener. If you enjoy having a bottle of beer or soda when you’re out camping or on your lunch break, then getting a multitool with a bottle opener should be on your priority list. You can also get a multi tool that has both a bottle and a can opener so you can conveniently open cans as well.

Performing Repairs

While certain repairs require specific tools, those that don’t can get completed with the use of a multitool. A good example of this would be, say if you need to repair a broken or bent zipper. This can happen to anyone and it can be quite annoying, but with a multi tool all you’ll need to do is use the needle-nose pliers to straighten the zipper pull.

Replacing Things

Sometimes replacing batteries can be tricky, especially if the slot that’s housing them has an awkward design. With a multi tool you can use the flat blade to get them out. If there’s a screw instead, and you don’t like walking all the way to the garage to get your screwdriver you can just use the screwdriver on the tool.
You can also do some more advanced replacements, like replacing a blown fuse in your vehicle. Yes, you can do this with a multi tool quite easily, even though the whole process can being annoying at times. You can easily pull out the fuse with a multitool which is otherwise quite hard to do using your fingers, as you cant reach the fuse without a pair of needle-nose pliers.