Proper Footwear: Don’t Skip the Most Important Step for Your Every Hiking Step

I still remember the first time I went hiking with my friends on a path that no one told us would take 6 hours to walk. This being our first time, we took a lot longer and actually managed to get lost while there was only one road to follow, but we had a great time and really took in the sights and enjoyed the fresh air up there. Though if I’m completely honest, the thing that stuck with me more than the fond memories was the throbbing I felt in my legs the next day. While this was most likely a result of me overexerting myself in my first attempt at hiking, my footwear definitely didn’t help matters either.


If you too have gone hiking in tennis shoes or other even less appropriate footwear, then you have probably also been unable to get off your couch the next day. However, I should say that specialized gear isn’t essential when hiking, and you can go in virtually any comfy shoes as long as they’re not slippers or something. However, the better suited your shoes are, the less you’ll feel like wanting to cut off your legs afterwards.

If you are indeed looking for a good combination of flexibility and durability, then the camping boots are the ideal choice for you. Despite their name, the camping boots are much better suited for hiking as they can give you all the support you need while still making sure that they aren’t so stiff that it’s uncomfortable to hike for completely different reasons.

As for what you need to look for when it comes to these boots, first and foremost you will need to make sure that your heel can’t move around, but also that it’s not so tight that your can’t even move your ankle. Next, feel out the inside and make sure that it has enough support because you will need it, and check that the sole can be bent. You will need sturdy materials underfoot, but if it’s so rigid that you can’t bend it with your hands, then it’ll feel like walking with stone slippers.

While the camping boots are pretty much the ideal choice for most hikers, there are those that would prefer to stick to their own shoes and actually feel more comfortable hiking in them. This is completely understandable since some people don’t like how heavier these boots are, or that they are more single purpose than their regular sneakers. However, there is always the option of trying them out and later going back to the sneakers, but you probably won’t want to since after you get used to them, you won’t even think of wearing any other shoes on the path.