Interesting Reality About Rock Breaker

The rock breaker is described as a machine or device, specially designed to work with hard materials like rocks, stones etc. The rock breaker is also heavily used as a machine for reducing or transforming large materials into smaller pieces. This device is generally used in the mining industry for breaking oversize stones or rocks that are either too hard or too large to be crushed by a simple crushing machine. Usually, the rock breaker is consisted of two major parts: a hydraulic hammer which is used for breaking rocks or stones, and a boom which is also known as arm. Other modern rock breakers may include additional parts for other purposes.

Some would say that the rock breaker is a specific attachment, designed to be used on a excavating machine. Where the standard excavating machines have a role to dig through dirt and other types of soft to medium soils, the rock breaker allows the excavator to break rocks, stones, concrete and other hard materials. This machine works as a hydraulic hammer, but it is mounted on the excavator rather than working as a stand alone unit. It is a perfect alternative to the hand-held jackhammer and to the larger drilling machines. With many benefits and advantages over the traditional crushing equipment, the rock breaker can be used in different industry sectors, like mining, construction and for various earth moving projects.


The standard excavating machines use hydraulic power for digging through the ground, or to demolish a hard structure. These machines come with tracks or wheels, and are controlled by operators from the cabin. A large boom or arm is extended from the excavator, and the metal bucket at the end digs or moves materials. In order the rock breaker to be used with an excavator, the bucket must be removed from the boom and replaced with a rock breaker. Special brackets are used so that the rock breaker can be fasten to the boom. The brackets must match the size and design of the rock breaker perfectly. Different rock breakers produce different number of blows per minute. The larger breakers which produce more blows per minute, can handle much harder materials than the units the produce lower blows per minute.

The rock breaker is commonly used in road construction projects for crushing and breaking concrete or existing paving. This machine is also an important part of the mining industry, where the rock breaker penetrates through hard surface to reach valuable minerals or metals. A rock breaker may even be used for drilling test wells when the contractors seek water or fuel. In some situations, the rock breakers are used for breaking stones and rocks before other digging machines can take place.

The rock breakers are associated with a large number of benefits and advantages. They enable the operators to dig through tough and hard materials more easily and quickly than the hand-held jackhammers. These devices are also considered as extremely flexible as they can work in places where other drilling equipment cannot be used. The rock breakers also eliminate the need for blasting and explosives, which in turn significantly improves the safety on the working site.