Kitchen Play Pretend Observed: 4 Things Children Learn

If you are a parent than I am sure there is nothing that makes you feel more fulfilled and warms up your heart than seeing your little ones all smiley and happy, is it? Just the mere sight of seeing your cuties overflowed with joy is a happiness by itself. We were all children once upon a time and we definitely know what has the power to make our day – gifts! And not just any gifts, but ones we get for no particular reason, gifts that make all our friends come over and share the joy. Such very useful and at the same time fun toys are definitely childrens play kitchens.

Kitchen Play Pretend

Children often enjoy copying the things their parents do; cooking, cleaning and pretending to shop are definitely one of their favourite play time things to do. And if your little ones are eager to grow up and act like that, childrens play kitchens are the ideal gift to brighten up their day. Besides being such a cool toy to spend their day with, these pieces of toy art also offer some other benefits that will help develop some of the best traits in your kids.


Sharing is caring, and there is no better way to learn that than through hours spent carelessly playing with their friends or siblings; everyone will have to share the toy in order to have a good time. This interaction will strengthen your children’s sharing skills that will be very useful to to them once they start going in kindergarten.


Let’s make it clear, trying to explain your kids that they should be organized can be a huge waste of your time; after all, they only hear what they want to hear, and the word “organization” by itself does not mean a single thing to them – they will have to learn this concept unconsciously through play. Therefore, from play foods to toy utensils, childrens play kitchens offer a wide array of items that your children will have to keep organized, tidy and neat in order to easily find what they need.

Team Players

Preparing lunch and washing the dishes afterwards are some of the things that children love imitating to play. So, in order to do that, they will have to team up – one will have to cut the vegetables and the other will need to prepare the rest of the essentials for the lunch. Once they are done, they will also need to wash the dishes – one will wash them while the other one will have to dry them up.


Although childrens play kitchens cannot get as dirty and messy as real ones, they do require some cleaning from time to time. Bear in mind that children should not use regular household cleaners, instead stick to soap and mild water. So, fill a bucket with water and have them clean their kitchen with sponges and cloths. This will make children feel like real adults and teach them some important cleaning skills as well.