Interesting Facts About Water Play Toys


We all know how fun and interesting it is for kids when playing outside with their friends. And, aside from the joy and the feeling of fulfillment play brings, games are extremely important for proper development of children. A play is an expression of happiness and joy through which kids develop their personalities, good social and communication skills and develop relationships with their peers. In fact, many studies have shown that game is the key to kids’ increased imagination and creativity, and helps boost their thinking, reading and problem solving skills.

Thus, no matter of the type of the game, make sure your kid spends more time outside, playing with friends in the backyard or at the pool. Therefore, outside toys are very educational. And so are water play toys. In fact, doctors encourage water play toys and games and swimming in general. According to them, swimming and other water-related games are very relaxing, gentle yet whole body workout and safe. Also, swimming activity is basically free, except for the water play toys that you will have to purchase to increase the water fun. Of course, depending on where you buy the water play toys for your kid(s), they range in price. There are numerous water toys Australia online store that offer huge discount deals on all water-related toys. However, it is important to find a trustworthy water toys Australia retailer to ensure the highest quality water play toys.

Before you turn on your computer and begin browsing online for reliable water toys Australia sites and safe water play toys, read on to learn few cool facts about water play toys you most likely did not know.

  • The first water guns were created in the late 1800s. The so-called squeeze bulb style guns were using a rubber bladder to draw in and squeeze out water or other type of liquid. Compared to today’s blasters, these water play toys guns were short in power and ammo departments, so they needed to be refilled with water after a single shot.
  • The water buoyancy make swimming the perfect exercise for physical therapy and rehabilitation.
  • In 1950, the English inventor Edgar Ellington created a waterproof sock by using cotton and latex. However, after filling it with water, he noticed a leak what upset him greatly. He threw the water filled sock which of course burst and the idea of a water balloon was born and soon became a hit.
  • In the USA, home swimming pools became popular after the World War II.
  • The biggest ever blown floating soap water bubble was 105.4 cubic feet.
  • It is well known that swimming is good for each part of your body. Swimming strengthens the lungs and heart and reduce stress.
  • No matter if you swim or play games in water, you need to drink water to stay hydrated. Your core body temperature can rapidly rise, your body produces more sweat, so it is good for you to drink more water.
  • Did you know that Australia is the No.1 world pool owner with over 1.2 million pools.
  • Every year, over 30,000 new pools are being installed in Australia