Interesting Facts Of The Sauna

From Finland to the rest of the world, including Australia, traditional sauna bathing has gained considerable popularity. The heat in a traditional sauna, is usually around 80 to 100 degrees Celsius, what induces increased sweating leading to an ultimate ‘clean’ sensation. Many of us try to sweating, but it does not only regulate body temperature (cools the body down), it also helps get rid of toxins.


So, the next time you have an opportunity to sauna bathe, take advantage of it and experience the greatest relaxation ever. According to various studies, sauna bathing can enhance a person’s well being and boost overall health, both mental and physical. Sauna is not just about detoxification. Sitting in sauna can benefit your heart, help with mild depression, rhematoid arthritis, certain skin conditions and with chronic fatigue.

  • Aside from a number of health benefits, saunas can be fun as well. Here are few interesting facts that will have you raise your eyebrows.
  • Although saunas have been present in other cultures also, it is in Finland that they have become embraced in the national culture. In the past, when hot water was not available, saunas were considered the only place for a wash during the winter. Some were even born inside a sauna, because it was the only sterile place with hot water available.
  • In Finland, traditional saunas can be seen everywhere, from big companies to state institutions. Even the president and the prime minister have an official sauna. Reports have shown that there are two million saunas for a 5.3 million population.
  • Traditional saunas are heated by wood. The wood is burned in a stove which can be with or without a chimney. A smoke sauna (the latter) is the original sauna design and by many, it is the best. Once the wood gets burned down, the door is closed to maintain proper temperature. Although most of the smoke has disappeared, an aroma of woodsmoke can still be felt.
  • A basket of rocks can be found in every traditional saunas. They serve to increase the humidity inside the sauna by throwing water on hot rocks.
  • Before getting inside a sauna, you should take off all your clothes (nothing to be shy about) and even shower (it is the polite thing to do). You can stay inside sauna as long as you find it comfortable, and return to the sauna as many times you want.
  • Did you know that sauna can help cleanse the body of alcohol toxins. So the next time you have a hangover and hate the whole world around you, use sauna.
  • There is only one alcoholic drink you can have in small amount during and after sauna bathing. Do you know which one it is? It is beer.

When taking a traditional sauna bathing, take your time. If you rush, you will not allow you body to get rid of toxins and to relive stress and tension. Also, for hygienic reasons and because the bench may feel hot, place a small towel on it.