Interesting Facts about Filament Packing Tape

Though we often take them for granted, tapes are more helpful than we can imagine. From relying on them for the day to day purposes, to using them for specific projects, tapes are the invention we can count on when we need to put together something for transport, or repair.

filament packing tape

One of the tapes that’s best known for its strength is the filament packing tape because of its firm and tight stick. The other name it’s generally known by is strapping tape but it usually refers to the one without filament that doesn’t break and returns to its original shape.

Thanks to its specific design, resulting in a tight structure, the filament tape is versatile, suitable for countless packaging as well as bundling applications. To understand what makes it the strong tape it is, it’s good to get to know what it consists of.

The polypropylene backing provides the filament packing tape with flexibility, whereas the filaments, that are actually responsible for how the tape got its name, like fibreglass, reinforce it which results in high tensile strength making it resistant to abrasion and tears.

If you are doubting the result of closure it provides, just know that when compared to that of glue it’s much stronger. This is the tape that makes the perfect choice for both the easiest and toughest of jobs, as there is the one-way filament product for general use, and the cross-woven for the heavy loads.

filament packing tape

Along with the use in industries, this tape is also used for home or office moves when you transport furniture and need to secure and wrap up parts that can get damaged. The fact it’s affordable makes it a great alternative even to industrial packaging materials.

While ideal for bundling objects in the industrial spaces, offices, or even homes, as I mentioned, the filament tape is versatile, and can be used equally with bundling cables and electronics. The best part of it, other than the strength of course, is the fact it doesn’t leave residue when removed, making it very easy to clean.

It’s this latter property that enables this tape to make its way with applications on metals (think of welding), including painting. While it can be applied manually, it’s with the help of a tape dispenser that you can be sure of more efficient and seamless application.

Depending on whether it’s a light, medium, or heavy duty application, you can choose from a variety of tape grades, based on how much of strength it is you need, from 100lbs up to 600lbs per inch of width.

Knowing these facts, don’t be surprised if you pile up on filament tape.