How to Choose Cabinet Door Handles for an Industrial Setting

Just try looking around a factory, warehouse or any other industrial setting, and you’ll notice that there are handles all around you. You’ll see them on doors, tool boxes, lockers, and most commonly, on cabinets. But unlike the handles on the cabinetry in your home, the cabinet handles in an industrial setting have a more important role.

For one, they need to offer utmost security, especially for the cabinets that store dangerous materials and expensive goods and tools. What’s more, they need to allow workers to open and close cabinets with ease in order to support the flow of work and productivity. So, if you’re looking for cabinet door handles for an industrial setting, it’s crucial to choose ones that will meet your needs best. With that being said, here are some important things to consider.


Most industrial-grade cabinet handles are made of stainless steel. And for some very good reasons. Stainless steel handles are known for their exceptional strength and durability. Because they can resist corrosion, they are perfect for environments with high levels of humidity, as well as outdoor sites. What’s more, stainless steel handles are able to withstand extremely high and low temperatures, even cryogenic temperatures. They are also considered the most attractive option, due to their ability to resist scratches and tarnish.

In the range of industrial handles, copper is another common material. Compared to stainless steel, copper cabinet door handles are less expensive choice. They also have fungicidal and algicidal properties, making them a smart choice in settings where there’s a high risk of Legionnaires disease. Additionally, copper is a metal with high heat conductivity, which means it’s not the most optimal choice in cabinets in hot environments.


Industrial handles come in a variety of designs. In order to pick a design that works best, it’s important to consider the type of cabinet and how you want to utilize it. Bridge and D-shaped handles have that typical raised handle design most of us are familiar with. These types of handles are strong and offer a good grip, which is why they are usually used in cabinets that need a large amount of force to be opened. On the other hand, there are also flush handles which consist of a hinged handle that can recess flat when not in use, creating a flush surface. As a result, this type of handle is very usable in tight environments and places with high traffic as it helps prevent gear or people from getting snagged on it.