Interesting Facts about Our Furry Friends

Ever since humans first domesticated animals, the relationship has been constantly evolving to an unbreakable one. This is something pet owners are aware of, and they don’t need national pet day to appreciate their pets, it’s something that happens on a daily basis. Simply said pets are family members and as such deserve the proper treatment. It’s undeniable pets and their owners help each other while creating the bond, and this help spreads to the overall well-being as well. Here are some interesting pet related facts for all the animal lovers.

International Pet Transport

The routine the owner sets when taking care of the pet is undeniably enriching life, purposefully structuring it, as it’s the situation that results in positive feelings. Let’s take dog owners, there are days when you might not exactly be in the mood for some outdoor activity but your dog urges you to go for a walk and how can you refuse those puppy eyes?

This is how your dog gets you in optimal health condition, keeping your blood pressure at normal levels and not letting cardiovascular or cholesterol issues ensue. Dogs can also save the owner’s life by being able to detect cancer, which really makes them man’s best friend. Cats are also known to reduce stress and boost mood as well as immune system. Kids raised with pets have less chances of becoming prone to allergies. Having in mind how important pets are to us, it’s not always easy when time comes for travelling or relocating, but with the help of international pet transport it’s nothing to worry about.

Considering dogs were transported by plane even in the 1960s, nowadays using all the advancements it’s become much easier for the specialised international pet transport companies to provide you with all the help needed for a stress free trip of your furry friend, taking international laws into account, as well as the quarantine airline protocols, doing all the paperwork and vaccinations, giving you the full itinerary, so you can travel with the peace of mind knowing your pet is well taken care of in the cargo area of the plane that’s pressure and temperature controlled.

According to the Animal Health Alliance (AHA), our nation spends about eight billion dollars on pets, with $1,051 per year per dog in a household and $705 pet cat. With more than 63% of Australian households having a pet, more than the 43% of the UK, we show just how much of an animal loving nation we are, having the population of 3.7 million dogs, 2.2 million cats, 7.8 million birds, 20.5 million fish and others 2.9 million. This goes to show our love for them.

Though the population of cats is behind that of dogs, they are still very much adored and worshipped as they were in the days of ancient Egypt. Some of the ways cats have helped society are rescuing owners from fire , vicious dog attacks, being given the honourable position of mayor in a city in Alaska, called Talkeetna – the city got its feline mayor, better known as Stubbs, in 1997, and help revive an almost forgotten railway station like cat Tama  did at the outskirts of Japan’s Wakayama City.

The adoration is further proved by the fact there are many cat cafés around the world, ever since the first one opened in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1998. Of course, dogs and cats aren’t the only favourite pets; there are rabbit cafés in Japan for anyone who wants to spend some quality time in the company of bunnies.