Interesting Facts About Bread

Travelling around the world, you’re going to come across different dishes and recipes, yet no matter where you go, you’re sure to find bread as the basic food. In fact, humankind has so much to do with bread, we have cultivation of wheat and baking to thank for the change in lifestyle of our forefathers.

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Thanks to ancient Egypt’s organised production of grain, and its distribution to other cultures, bread became the staple of diet. Of course, bread making wasn’t as sophisticated and it differed largely from the bread we know of today, but over the centuries, and the discovery of fermentation, the recipe has considerably changed.

Looking at the Bible, there are at least 492 bread entries in the original languages which goes to show how essential it was and explains why it has such a crucial role in communion. A lot has happened over time to go from roller mills, bake houses and all the manual work, to bakeries and the wide range of dough divider rounder for sale that we have nowadays.

Owing much to innovations, the use of technology in break-making today saves up a great deal of effort and time, while also increases the production and profits, so a dough divider rounder for sale can process high volumes of dough into large quantities that are of the same size, dividing them and shaping them. Same as the changes in machinery and the processes, bread itself has altered due to the industrialisation.

Though gluten-free diets are the trend nowadays, partly because of health reasons, bread has still remained a constant in life. Even if you’re avoiding gluten, and the traditional wheat bread, you can find plenty of recipes to try and keep this savoury food in your life.

If you don’t want to bake yourself, fret not, as being part of the 21 century means you can buy your bread from either the bakery near you, the supermarket, or pay a cafĂ© bakery a visit.

Looking at the different cultures around the world, and some anecdotes or facts related to bread, I have to share some really interesting ones with you, dear reader, like how Napoleon Bonaparte and his request for “Pain pour Nicole” i.e. bread for Nicole his horse, resulted in actual naming of the bread, the very one known as pumpernickel to Germans.

According to Scandinavians, sharing a bread is likely to lead you to falling in love, whereas in some Slavic cultures during Christmas you have a chance finding a coin inside, or be welcomed with bread and salt. All this talk gave me an appetite, so I’m going to go munch on fairy bread now!