Interesting Facts About Bedroom Furniture

Who does not dream of having a sophisticated, cozy bedroom filled with modern furniture, screaming uniqueness and style? Right! The bedroom is is our retreat at the end of a busy day, the place where we can take a deep breath and simply unwind and relax! Scientists say we spend one third of our entire life just sleeping in our bed, not counting those relaxing moments we spend laying down with our partner, reading a book or simply relaxing in the bedroom with our favourite TV show. No wonder we focus on things like quality, style and design when it comes to the bedroom; it is our favourite part of our home.

bedroom furniture

According to the latest industry statistic reports, Australians who shop either offline or online bedroom furniture pay more attention to the sturdiness of the mattress, the style of the headboard and the bed design rather than the furniture brand. That is, quality over price. Luckily, both offline and online bedroom furniture markets offer a variety of choices, ergo finding a design and high quality for a down-to-earth price is no sweat.

Okay, so we all focus on the look of our bedroom furniture, but let’s be honest, we pretty much take it for granted. I mean, have you ever given any thought about when was the mattress you sleep on invented, who came up with the ‘fitted sheets’ idea or which is the largest bed in the world? Probably not. But there are some really amazing and interesting facts about these furniture pieces. Take a look.

  • One of the first beds invented, was not so humble a piece of furniture. Actually, it was quite huge and much larger than you could possibly imagine. Measuring in at a whopping 5.48 meters by 3.65 meters long, this bed could accommodate as many as 65 people. Can you image yourself sleeping with 64 other people at night? Sure you can’t.
  • The first mattresses were made from the pods that cover peas. Over time, they became more and more fancy and coverings of velvet and expensive silk were popular among the wealthy.
  • The origin of headboards dates back as far as ancient Egypt. In that time, headboards were carved in ebony, gold and silver and were meant more for show than for practical use.
  • The earliest wardrobe was a chest that eventually became a room in palaces and castles filled with closets and lockers. Today, wardrobes are known as armoires (the word is derived from the Latin word for closet) and have doors, shelves, clothes bars and even drawers.
  • Waterbeds were very popular in the 1960s and airbeds were a huge success in the 1980s as a way to take the pressure off of the body.
  • The first coil system mattress was invented in 1865 and it became patented. This opened the path for more modern mattresses that are available today.
  • The first fitted sheet was invented by Bertha Berman in 1958, but it was only in 1990 that the Gisele Jubinville’s version grabbed the mattress.
  • According to the principles of feng shui, you should not place your bed facing the door of your bedroom and the feett of your bed in direct line with the door (known as the ‘mortuary position’).