Interesting Aspects of Scandinavian Interior Design

The traditions, attitudes and character of every culture can be best seen in its designs. The innermost spirit of a people can make itself visible through the artefacts they craft and the way they choose to decorate their homes. Therefore, by studying a culture’s homes you can get a glimpse of the way they think and behave. And Scandinavians have perhaps the most uniquely decorated homes of all – homes which at first glance might seem nothing special, only to uncover their sophisticated beauty the more you linger in them. Let’s look at the most interesting aspects that give Scandinavian interior design its characteristic minimal but soulful charm.Designer Homewares Australia

Recognizable Designer Homewares

Because the ultimate aim of Scandinavian design is to simplify life, many designers have put their focus on functional and sophisticated homewares. Amazing craftsmanship is what sets apart all pieces which are often made of quality natural materials. The colour palette is dominated by light and warm natural shades, which are sometimes accented by the use of bold primary colours such as red, blue or green. Textures and patterns are sparse, and when there are any it’s usually some geometric, floral or other organic motifs. In the end, the result is homewares which have a high-functional “lived-in-ness”. Scandinavian design is perhaps best recognizable in these unique homewares which are becoming a craze throughout the world. And thanks to the internet, we are able to shop for exclusive designer homewares Australia wide.

Focus on Practicality

The unique furniture and décor pieces are a result of a unique culture spirit. And what makes Scandinavia different from the rest of the world is that it values practicality and well-being versus over-the-top aesthetics. This view has evolved from centuries of bloodshed history, harsh weather, lack of resources and external threats. Focusing on these important factors has resulted in Scandinavia being some of the wealthiest and happiest regions in the world. Being acutely aware of the important things in live prompts Scandinavians to put great amount of focus in the items that enrich their lives. Every thing is carefully manufactured with a purpose in mind. If the chair is for sitting, then it’s going to be designed with focus on ergonomics, with the colour and material only complementing the ultimate purpose. There aren’t many designer homewares Australia stores that sell products with that kind of level of dedication to practicality, no wonder Ikea is cashing in.

The Language-Design Connection

Scandinavian design is so centred around a unique perception of comfort in the home, that it felt a need to come up with special words describing it. One such word is the Danish/Norwegian Hygge, roughly translated as “wellbeing” (pronounced hue-ga) but with a more complex meaning that aims to capture the feeling of a cosy and peaceful atmosphere with family, friends, or even on your own. Many linguists also speculate that the term comes from the word Hugge which means “to embrace”. And it can easily be true, because when Hygge is implemented in interior design and homewares, it creates warm spaces that make you feel like being hugged. Another buzzword in Scandinavian design is the Swedish Lagom meaning “not too much, not too little, just the right amount. Or as translated into interior design context – Simple is better, decorate in moderation, achieve balance.