Few Facts About Direct Mail Marketing


If you are an owner of a small or large business, you probably know the importance and the benefits of using direct mail marketing. As a business owner you always need to attract new customers, but very often your knowledge and skills are not enough to achieve this. The best way to acquire new customers is to hire a professional third party logistic company that can provide you with exceptional direct mail marketing professional service.

Direct mail marketing is the most effective and profitable way to acquire new customers and to expand your business. Using direct mail marketing professional service from a reliable outsourcing company is a great way to promote your business, products and services directly to your customers via catalogs, brochures and flyers.

Direct mail marketing can help you reach new customers, and allows you to deliver your message directly to every customer. If you already use direct mail marketing professional service, or you plan to hire a professional company, take a look at some facts about the direct mail marketing you might have not known:

  • Even today, direct mail marketing stays the largest direct marketing expenditure followed by telemarketing services;
  • It is estimated that business managers open around 83% of their received advertising mail;
  • 60% of consumer advertising mail is open and almost 42% is read;
  • In the last five years, the advertising market has increased by 16%, while the usage of advertising mail has grown for about 42%;
  • Leading corporations like Bank of America, Disneyland, Telstra, Commonwealth Bank, etc. use direct mail marketing professional services;
  • In 2013, direct mail ranked as the #1 planned marketing channel, followed by social media channels and email;
  • Mail outs in direct mail marketing campaigns are created from recycled paper. Thus, direct mail marketing is an Eco-friendly marketing technique;
  • Direct mail marketing professional service is the best way to gain new customers;
  • 72% of Australians say they have replied to all direct mail pieces that contained the “buy one, get one free” offer;
  • It is estimated that 86% of women between 25 and 44 years of age read direct mail.