Facts About Security Alarm Systems

alarmMore and more people Australians decide to install home security alarm systems for increased protection. One thing you should know if you plan to install a security alarm system in your home for the first time, is that the Security alarm systems produced today are very different when compared to the older models. New and modern security alarm systems do not protect you from burglars only, but also include smoke and fire detectors. This means that the new security alarm systems come with additional improved features, saving you from buying separate devices for different kind of protection.

Which alarm system you choose will depend on numerous factors, such as:

  • personal preferences
  • size of your property
  • budget
  • quality
  • brand
  • features included

Therefore, choosing the right security alarm systems for your home is a demanding task and should be approached with care. It is best to seek an experienced professional to ensure you make the right decision. Here are few facts about the security alarm systems you should know.

  • The security alarm systems give you the ability to know exactly who is trying to break into your home thanks to the video surveillance. This means that you will never have to keep the lights on again when you are not in your house.
  • About 41% of the burglars brake into homes without the security alarm systems.
  • Usually, thieves cut the phone lines because most alarm systems send alarm signals via phone lines to the local police station.
  • Home security alarm systems give you high level of protection from water and fire damages, even when you are away, thanks to the additional detectors.
  • Around 9% of all burglar attempts are on the upper floor windows, while about 31% attempt to enter from the first floor windows.
  • Many security alarm systems offer backup protection. This means that you will get continued battery backup power that will keep the security system on, even when the power goes off.
  • Because you make decide on the features you want your security system to include, you also control the total cost.