Facts About Bosch Home Alarm Systems

Bosch is one of the leaders on the market for home security systems. The Bosch home alarm systems are considered as some of the best on the market that provide full protection. These systems come with state of art and innovative security features. Money can’t replace the safety value of your family, so make sure no one ruins the tranquility in your home. The Bosch home alarm systems ensure safety and protection for you and your family. This world known brand offers advanced line of high-quality video surveillance, fire detections, voice alarms, intrusion detections and many other control systems that are ideal for small and medium sized security applications. Read bellow to find out why you should pick Bosch as your partner for all your safety needs:

Bosch Home Alarm Systems

  • The Bosch home alarm systems provide good protection at night. The engineers have included infrared illuminators to provide better view even in dark outdoor areas. You will be able to see clearly even when nights are foggy.

  • All Bosch home alarm systems have earned a lot of awards due to their excellent design and quality. For example, the model MIC Series 400 Stainless Steel Camera was rewarded for the best design in 2009 by the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design.

  • The prestigious Detector International’s Innovative Achievement Award in 2009 went to Bosch’s IP camera, the NBC-255-P. This all-in-one CCTV solution won the hearts of many customers around the world.

  • The 2012 Fortunes edition included Bosch in the ”World’s Most Admired Companies”. With over 1,5 billion euros revenue and 12,000 employees, Bosch was classified as the world’s largest alarm system supplier in 2013.

  • Did you know that all Bosch home alarm systems offer one year warranty? During this test period, you can see whether the system is right for you or not. All Bosch suppliers are obligated to give your money back without questions asked if you decide to return the system within 12 months.

  • When we talk about prizes and awards, Bosch’s professional motion detector that comes with anti-masking technology won the prestigious Medal I Grade award in Moscow at the 14th International Forum & Exhibition on Security and Safety Technologies in 2009.

  • Did you know that all Bosch home alarm systems include built-in auto dialer for mobile phones, built-in panic button, infrared motion sensors, super loud internal sirens, blue strobe lights and many other features that no other system has.