Facts About Mini Excavators

The mini excavators are ideal machines for small-scale digging applications. These compact machines can be seen on every major construction and mining site all over Australia. Although small, these machines are capable to work on every terrain quickly and efficiently. They can be classified as:


Although all three models are part of major construction and mining projects, the 1.5 tonne excavator is the most common digging machine. This is because it is used for a variety of applications.

  • This mini excavator is a perfect solution for jobs in tight and narrow areas. Dealers and online suppliers that sell heavy construction equipment including mini excavators are doing very well on the market. Because of this trend, 1.5 tonne excavators are sold and used almost anywhere around the globe, from small businesses to huge companies that are industry leaders. 
  • The best thing about the 1.5 tonne excavator is that it can easily get into any smaller space where large excavators can’t. This is because the elongated tracks of this mini excavator model uniquely function and perform within their range. 
  • These mini excavators are not only known for their small and compact size, but for their versatility, easy handling and low maintenance.
  • Although over 10 different attachments can be sued with 1.5 tonne excavator, they are all categorized under attachments for either digging or demolition. 

There is a wide range of mini excavators on the market, but the brand that seems to stand out is Bobcat. Bobcat mini excavator is generally used for construction, agricultural and landscaping applications. It has a large scoop for digging a wider trench, and ability to go deeper too. Another popular mini excavator brand is Caterpillar known for great power and strength. The Caterpillar mini excavator is ideal for agricultural works and rock crushing. No matter which mini excavator you prefer, before buying certain model consider all the options in order to get what you really want.

At first, it may seems like a very big investment to purchase mini excavator, but with time you will realize that it was worth the price. If you cannot afford to to buy a new machine, there are also second-hand mini excavators that come with lower price. Most dealers also offer used mini excavator in excellent working condition.

If your final decision is to purchase a used mini excavator, then it’s recommended to check the safety features. Inspect the excavator and look for a damaged or worn parts. All you have to do is to test the excavator and to be well informed in order to make the best decision about what is best for you and your business.