Do Ergonomics Really Matter, and Why?

With the trend of working remotely becoming increasingly more popular around the world, today, many people have the option of being their own bosses and being in charge of their level of comfort when working. With that said, all the things that we used to complain about in the office, like the bad office chairs that caused our back pain, can be easily taken care of. Now that you’re your own boss, you need to deal with your own problems. If you haven’t been paying that much attention to the ergonomics in your workspace, you definitely should start. Musculoskeletal disorders are no joke, and they cost workplaces billions of dollars and thousands of days in lost productivity.

ergonomic office chairs

Luckily, ergonomic office chairs exist to help ease the burden. Studies show that 85% of office workers experience strain or soreness due to bad office furniture and equipment. About 70% say that their chair is causing them back and neck pain, while 75% say that their keyboard is causing them wrist strain. So, you’re wondering how ergonomic office chairs help? Well, they feature a clever design that conforms to the body’s shape, offers proper support for the spine and other bones, keeps tissues and joints in a neutral, natural position, and it is highly customizable to fit your specific needs.

Ergonomic office chairs accomplish this by having an adjustable seat height, a well-padded seat and back, vertical and backward-forward adjustable backrest, lumbar support, adequate seat depth and width, a five-star base for stability and easy swiveling. That being said, you’ll come across many chairs that claim to be ergonomic, but the label alone doesn’t mean that the chair is truly ergonomic.

With all the positive effects of ergonomic furniture, your overall health will be improved, which, in turn, will lead to increased work productivity, fewer distractions, less sick days, improved morale, reduced number of mistakes and improved job satisfaction. There’s no point in working from the comfort of your own home if you aren’t really enjoying it. However, this doesn’t apply just to people working from their home.

If you’re an office manager who is in charge of employees, then it’s in your best interest that you show that you care about their needs and well-being. The most requested features of office chairs are comfort and adjustability. Your employees want to feel comfortable, safe, and appreciated while they’re at work. Making their health a priority is arguably the best way to show them that you truly care.