Interesting Facts About The Office Cubicle

The office cubicle is one of the most effective workplace solutions that help in creating a distraction-free working atmosphere. The main reason why office cubicle is good for creating a pleasant working atmosphere is because it separates each office works desk, providing a personal and comfortable work area for every employee. Moreover, this workplace solution isolates the employees from the outer distracting sights and noises, which is of crucial importance for keeping everyone focused.

Regardless if you work in an office or not, you are probably familiar with the main purpose of the office cubicles and how they work. But, how much do you really know about office cubicles? Have you ever heard something interesting about office cubicles, about their origin or use? Here are some interesting facts that only a small number of people have ever heard of.


  • The idea of accommodating the office works desk dates back to the 1960’s. Namely, the first office cubicle was designed in 1967 by the designer Robert Propst. The same year, the first office cubicle was created by Herman Miller.
  • The first cubicle created in 1967 first appeared on the marketplace under the name “Action Office II”.


  • The Action Office has received a plenty of positive reviews from both designers and office workers. People loved the early concept of office cubicles and saw them as liberating.
  • After the release of the first office cubicle, Herman Miller even today remains the leader in the manufacturing of the office cubicles.



  • The work in office cubicles is not favoured among office workers. Only a small percent of people working in office cubicles have declared that they actually love their office works desk to be placed inside a cubicle.
  • Did you know that the way your office works desk is arranged in the cubicle affects the stress? Yes, the more crowded and messy your cubicle is, the more prone to stress you are at work.
  • Your office works desk is protected from the inquisitive look of your pry colleague, but you will have to shout louder for any thoughts you want to share with him/her.
  • Although you may be using a standing office works desk, you can still work in an office cubicle. There are office cubicles especially designed for standing office works desk. This said, you don’t need to be in a sitting position to avoid the distractions in your work environment.