Decor Facts Hour – Bedroom Chest Of Drawers

Why is the master bedroom so important to us? Why do we feel the need to have it perfectly decorated? Well, maybe because it is the first thing we see in the morning. Wouldn’t it be just perfect to open your eyes to the face of your loved one and a beautifully decorated bedroom?

The bedroom is our refugee, a place where we can finally take a deep breath and simply relax. Unfortunately, so many bedrooms are cluttered and disorganized, especially the bedside tables and the bedroom chest of drawers. When it comes to bedroom furniture, chest of drawers are the items that undergo a lot of rough and tough wear, so it is nice to give them the deserved makeover once in a while.


Regardless of the type and style of bedroom chest of drawers you own or plan to purchase, you can always update it and make it match the rest of the décor in the bedroom. With that in mind, here’s a list of some interesting ways to give your old or new chest of drawers a makeover.

Make It Retro

One thing is certain regarding retro decor – it is always in style. If you have an old wooden chest of drawers, add traditional brass drawer knobs. They are suitable for any bedroom style and you’ll instantly turn it into a gorgeous vintage piece of furniture.

Play With Colours

Being a little different is always good. Instead of the ordinary white and beige colour choices for the chest of drawers, you can decide to enliven the space and play with colours. All you need to do is give it a new coat of paint in whichever color suits you. For an extra effect you can overload the brush with paint and press the bristles on the desired drawer so the paint drips smoothly down. Keep in mind to paint the knobs in some analogous colour.

Add Something Feminine And Fabulous

For women always longing for some girlish and chic things, a fancy mirror above the bedroom chest of drawers will enhance the beauty of your bedroom. Additionally, you can place some mirror paper on the drawers and paint the knobs in different colour. The effect will be simply AMAZING!

Organize Your Stuff With Words

Are you sick and tired of the same old questions every day: “Where’s my underwear?, or “Where’s my blue t-shirt?” If so, here’s and excellent way to organize things in a stylish manner. Create 3D letters that say “underwear”, “everyday t-shirts”, “lost & found” or anything else you might need, and place them on the corresponding drawers. This is an extremely easy way to organize things in a fun way that will also contribute to a more stylish and appealing look.

Add Some Pretty Things

Lastly, it is always fun to decorate chest of drawers, especially for a woman. Stickers, buttons, flowers, mirrors and jewelry boxes are just some of the many things with which you can beautify this unique piece of furniture.