Computer Repairs Myths: Get the Facts Straight, Prolong Your PC’s Life

Most of us would consider ourselves to be tech savvy. After all, it’s the age of technology, and all of us own some type of a computer device (You’re not reading this from your microwave, are you?). Now tell me, when was the last time your PC had a proper format? And why does it heat up and run so slow? Truth is, we tend to neglect performing basic maintenance tasks which can later cost us the loss of our important data and the precious memories we have stored on our PCs.

Melbourne Computer Repairs

What this means is that despite our knowledge of technology, we still have a lot to be educated about regarding computers and when they need a check up or repair. Today, the computer world is full of so many myths that can confuse an average user and sometimes lead him to take wrong actions and lose money. Here are a few common ones.

Fixing Your PC by Yourself Saves Money – False

This can be true if you yourself are computer technician or work in IT. However, if you are a layman, like most people are, you can end up making things worse and having to spend a lot more money than hiring a professional would have cost you. You might think it’s expensive to get a computer repairs service to come to your home, but most local companies do not charge any travel rates. This means that if you’re living in Melbourne, any reliable Melbourne computer repairs service would be happy to come to your front door for free.

Formatting the Hard Drive Reduces Its Lifespan – False

This is one popular myth. Formatting a hard drive is basically permanent and effective deletion of the data stored on it. It’s usually done to get rid of hard to track viruses and malicious hardware. There’s no limit to the number of times you can format a PC. Actually, the more often you do so the better. Since most of us don’t know how to perform a system format, it’s best that we contact one of our reliable Sydney or Melbourne computer repairs companies.

Viruses and Malicious Software Slow Down Your Computer – False

Whenever our PC slows down we’re quick to blame malware, viruses and so on. But in fact, modern malware creators are driven by profit, and the more you spend time on your computer, the more they are likely to steal your data. Therefore, normally a malware-infected PC will show no performance change. The reason our PC runs slow are usually unnecessary applications, too many browser plug-ins and add-ons, and too many programs running simultaneously which increase CPU usage, drain the RAM or disk space, and cause other issues. Or perhaps the computer has run its course and you need to get a new one.