Basic Scooter Safety Gear for Kids

Physical activity in children is essential for their physical and mental state. Active kids will develop healthy bone structure, strong muscles and joints. They’ll improve their heart and lungs’ health, maintain healthy body weight and improve their posture and balance. They’ll be better with orientation and coordination and learn how to socialize and develop friendships for a lifetime. Plus, sports, games, and other activities are fun and stimulating and will positively encourage them to explore the world.

Safety Gear for Kids

kids on scooters with safety gear

There are countless activities and sports kids can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle – from gymnastics to playing football and basketball to riding bikes, roller-skates and everything in between. But to play these sports, they should have the proper safety equipment to be protected from injuries. Especially when they enjoy riding their scooters. A minor distraction can make them lose control and end up with a scraped knee or head injury.


Helmets reduce the chance of head injury by 80%, and because kids’ skulls are fragile, they make suitable protectors. Most kids get a scooter at the age of 2, and it’s essential to develop a healthy habit of wearing an open face helmet from this early age. It will become almost a reflex for them when they’re getting ready to go for a ride.

Take them shopping with you to get them enthusiastic and excited to wear one. This way, they can try them on and choose the one they like the most. When it comes to scooter helmets open face models are great for children because they keep an open horizon, and kids can see better without any obstacles. One size doesn’t fit every child so make sure the helmet fits them correctly. Otherwise, it may slide and cover their eyes.

The inside foam of the helmet that protects the head should be firmly attached, and the straps need to function properly to make sure the helmet stays on the head. Air vents can be an excellent addition to keep the child’s head cool. Also, having a flashlight at the front and a flashing red one at the back can be good for traffic. This way, everyone can see the child and be careful around it. When choosing helmets open face designs are a great choice but there are also some with visors to protect them from the sun or dirt coming their way. It doesn’t matter which style you choose, as long as it keeps the child safe.

Wrist Guards

Wrist guards are not just for kids that ride a scooter; they are great for riding a bike, skateboarding or snowboarding. They use moulded plastic wrapped around the wrist to protect it, prevent it from bending and absorb 40% of the impact. Wrist guards are essential for beginners because they’re prone to injuries. Children sweat during their rides, so it’s crucial to wash the wrist guards from time to time to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Elbow and Knee Pads

Elbow and knee pads can prevent a lot of injuries with kids. They’re a piece of essential safety equipment that guards the knees and elbows and provides support. They’re made to absorb impact and give the child more confidence to ride and feel safe. To work best, these pads need to fit your child correctly. If you can’t go to the store and try the knee pads on, there is a way to measure to get the right size. Wrap a soft measuring tape in the middle of the knee cap while the child is standing. Some companies take measures in kg, so you’ll need to know the right weight. They should be tight enough but not too much; otherwise, they can cut-off circulation.

You can measure elbow pads in a similar way. Take the same measuring tape and wrap it around the centre of the elbow on an outstretched arm. If you don’t have this type of measuring tape, take a string or a lace, mark the size, transfer it on a ruler, or take it with you to the store. They’ll feel safe, secure, and not afraid of falling by wearing these pads. Because falls are inevitable with kids, wearing elbow and knee pads can be a lifesaver on many occasions.

Other Safety Tips

little boy riding scooter

Besides having the right safety equipment, there are other things to consider. If the place where the ride is crowded, make sure they wear visible clothing. Something with bright colours so you can easily find them. Comfortable and durable clothing will also help keep them safe if they fall and warm them up if the weather is cold. Scooters are very flexible when it comes to where kids are riding them. You can do it in the park, in the neighbourhood or on a playground. Explain to your child the safest route they can take and make sure they keep to it.

Kids should also know how to cross the street with their scooters, so talk about that. They’re on wheels and should be more careful in traffic and around pedestrians. Waiting for the light to turn green or finding a crosswalk to get to the other side should be imprinted in their head. Always do regular check-ups of maintenance of the scooter. This way, you’ll know if something needs to be replaced, fixed or tightened. And last, teach them to always head for the grass when they feel like losing control of the scooter. Grass will soften the blow or slow down the scooter.

In Summary

You should never compromise when it comes to your child’s safety. Buying the best safety gear is crucial and can save your little one from dangerous accidents and injuries. Make sure you supervise the child while riding to point out the possible risks and hazards.