What Makes Longboards Unique & How to Choose the One for You

Longboard or skateboard? Yes, they are both designed with the same purpose in mind, but they are different when it comes to design and usage. Longboards, as their name suggests are longer than regular skateboard decks and they cannot be used for kickflips, jumps and tricks. The main usage of these decks is for rolling down long streets and for carving hills. They come in a variety of shapes, all designed for different riding styles. Now, if you are a bit knowledgeable about this sport, you probably have heard about David Cornthwaite. But in case you haven’t, here is an interesting fact about him. He set the record for the longest distance covered by riding a longboard deck back in 2006. He travelled from Perth to Brisbane riding for 5,855.21 kilometres. This means 2,911,500 pushes, 156 days, 1 board, 5 sets of wheels and 14 pairs of the right shoes.

Another famous longboard rider is Rob Thomas who surpassed David Cornthwaite’s record by achieving 12,159 kilometres while Mischo Erban in 2012 passed amazing 129.94 km per hour thus breaking the Guinness World Record for fastest skateboard speed. Okay, you are far from these names, but in order to be able to aspire to become one of them, firstly you need to ensure you have the right deck for the ride. So, here is how to select one among the vast sea of longboard skateboard decks available.

Consider the basics. This means keeping in mind the skill level and the price range. For example, if you are a beginner and you want to try longboarding as your new hobby, then you really do not need to spend too much money on a deck. Just go online and you can find a very huge range of longboard skateboard decks for reasonable prices. Since you do not have much knowledge or skills yet, choose a bigger board for more balance.

Consider the style. Longboarding can be done in many different styles. This means you should choose your deck depending on your riding style: crusher or a downhill. The first type of riders just get on the board and ride long distances while the second type ride downhill, crouched down and as fast as they can. Freeriders are the third type, but these are usually experienced ones and spend their time riding on long distances while riding onto curbs and doing slides. Freestyle riders simply do whatever they want. They do tricks, dance and act all goofy.

Consider the shape. Longboards are available in different shapes. You can find a directional board that is usually chosen by downhill and cruiser riders while twin or symmetrical decks are good for freestylers. The style of the deck determines the level of stability the board will offer as well as how easy it will be to push and stop when needed. The lower the board, the more stable it will be. One of the most common styles of longboards is top mount which gives you a good control and higher centre of gravity. Drop through style is good for long distance freeriding, breaking commuters and downhill riding. Drop decks are a popular choice among downhill riders, while the double drop is the most stable longboard available but also the most expensive one you can find.