Are Electric Scooters the Future for Commuters?

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Electric vehicles may seem like a new invention but much like the technology behind them, they have been around for longer than you think. While the popularity of electric bikes, cars and scooters saw an increase in recent years, they have been around since the late 1800s. The scooter had the latest arrival (out of the three) in the electric world, but it became widely adopted within a short period of time. 

Gas powered bicycles and scooters dominated the market before and after world war I and II, but in the 90s that changed. 1996 was the year when the first electric scooter was made and around that time lithium-ion batteries were invented too. This is the type of battery that became the go-to for e-scooters. But why is that electric scooters are so popular nowadays especially amongst the younger generation?

Benefits of Electric Scooters

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One of the major advantages an e scooter has over any other personal transportation is the ability to take it with you. Many two wheel electric scooter brands make foldable scooters which you can carry around in crowded places or up the stairs. While a push bike is a great investment too, it can’t beat the portability of an electric powered scooter.


Since this is electricity we are talking about, pollution is non-existent. This way you can enjoy the wind blowing in your face knowing that you’re doing something good for the environment. 

Noise Pollution

Pollution doesn’t only come in the form of gas, noise pollution is a thing too. With a two wheel electric scooter you won’t have to worry about waking up your neighbours as the only thing you’ll hear is the tyres pressing on the pavement as they turn.

Time Saving

With an e scooter you can reduce the time spent sitting in traffic as this convenient form of commuting will allow you to swerve through high-traffic areas. No matter how busy the road is you’ll always get to work on time.

How Far Can You Travel on an Electric Scooter?

Today’s electric scooters allow you to travel anywhere from 9.5 km to 120 km with a fully charged battery. This can vary due to different factors such as the weight of the rider, the weight of the scooter, the road, weather and the speed at which you ride.

How Fast Can an Electric Scooter Go?

The majority of e-scooters nowadays have a top speed of around 30 km/h. Again this will depend on the amount of charge left in the battery, weight of the rider, the wattage of the motor, terrain, tyres and more.

What to Look For

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The range of a scooter largely depends on battery capacity. The bigger the battery the more you can travel with your scooter. But sometimes a scooter with a long range isn’t that necessary and if you can go with a scooter with a moderate range do so. But bear in mind that your weight, the scooter’s tyres, terrain and speed you travel at on average will affect the range. Again, you don’t have to worry that much about these things but do keep them in mind. 


While 30 km/h may not seem like a great deal of speed, for a scooter it’s actually pretty impressive and when you think about it you don’t need that much speed anyway. Riding through traffic or not you won’t always be topping the scooter’s speed limit. This can affect battery life too. Even if you scooter isn’t able to reach a top speed of 30 km/h you’ll still do fine especially for inner-city travel. 


When it comes to comfort, you need to consider a scooter’s size and weight. The heaviest e scooters today go up to 18 kg but you can get a 12 or 10 kg scooter that you’ll be able to pick up and carry more easily. The weight of a scooter also impacts its build. Heavier scooters are usually more rugged and can withstand a more serious beating than lighter ones. A heavier scooter is usually more stable too since it comes with thicker tyres.


Scooter wheels can affect ride quality and steering too. Wheels with narrower tyres will give you an easier-to-steer scooter, but ride comfort and stability won’t be that good. Again, for a more comfortable and stable ride wider tires are preferred which usually means that you’re getting a heavier scooter but that’s not always the case. Wider tyres do not provide as much steering freedom as narrower tyres.


While these components are not directly tied to a scooter, it is recommended that you acquire the following accessories even before you get your scooter. A pair of extra lights that can be attached on your scooter can enhance visibility and make you safer on the road. A phone holder is going to allow you to have both hands on the handlebars and come in handy if you’re using maps. A lock will keep your scooter safe from thieves and a helmet ( will keep your head safe from the concrete. Consider getting a puncture protection fluid to keep your air-filled tyres going even after a puncture.