A Seamless Lighting Trend: Pendant Lights to Enhance Your Home Design

pendant lighting fixtures1

When choosing lighting fixtures for your home, now you can be more authentic and confident than ever. Lights are indispensable regarding functionality, but they can also serve as beautiful ornaments and enhance any home’s décor. One of the all-time favorite lighting solutions that just keep getting better and better are pendants. They are elegant, provide direct and powerful lighting and look incredibly fun and beautiful hanging from the ceiling.

The most widespread purpose of pendant lighting fixtures is task illumination. That’s why kitchen islands are almost always illuminated with pendant lights. Dining rooms are the next on the “pendant lights” material list because there’s something so beautiful about hanging lights above the dining table. These beautiful lighting fixtures offer the versatility of being able to see clearly in areas where safety and clarity are of a paramount importance. There are some areas that besides clarity, require ambiance as well. In these cases you can add a dimmer onto your powerful pendant lights and have control over the intensity.

pendant lighting fixtures2

Professionals like architects or designers need a lot of light during the process of drawing and designing, which is why office desks should be illuminated with pendant lights. Pendant lights also offer a lot of creativity for the manufacturers themselves. You can find them in the form of flowers, candles, balls or interesting geometric figures that appear elegantly out of nowhere, so the fact that pendant lighting fixtures are often bought for their aesthetics should not surprise you.

Other areas that are perfect for pendant lights are open spaced rooms and foyers because these lights maximize the look of the already big areas even more effectively. They bring so much drama and so much life into these large, usually one-colored open spaces that are desperately craving for a fun detail to break the monotony. Colorful stained-glass, blown glass or the fabrics effects make the perfect “break the monotony” pendants that represent sculptural artwork and effective ambient lighting, all-in-one.

pendant lighting fixtures3

Finally, you should also consider using pendant lights in your kid’s room for better illumination of their playground area. This way you’ll get lighting fixtures that are close to floor level, but still not close enough so that a child can reach them. When shopping for lights take everything we’ve listed above into consideration and keep in mind that pendant lighting fixtures are an affordable and unique way to transform your space and beautifully illuminate your entire home.