5 Different Types of Mirrors You Need in Your Life


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Mirrors are such a normal part of our lives, that we don’t usually give them a lot of thought, except when we need one, or when we are purchasing homewares or cosmetics. Being able to look at our own reflection is incredibly useful – for cleaning our faces, dressing up, putting on makeup, and so on. But throughout history, in many cultures, mirrors have been surrounded by many superstitions, symbolism, and mystery. They’ve been thought to be magic, to reveal one’s soul and show their true self, to have mysterious powers, etc.

Early humans used still water in vessels or pools to look at themselves. The first man-made mirrors date from around 6000 BC, and they were made from volcanic glass. From around 4000 BC in Mesopotamia, and 3000 BC in Egypt, people started crafting mirrors of polished copper. Later on, in Central and South America they were crafting polished stone mirrors. The most popular superstition about mirrors, for instance, – that if you break one it will bring you 7 years of bad luck –, has persisted amongst people for more than two millennia.

Today, we see our reflection everywhere, in windows and shop windows, in turned off televisions or other devices, in the screen of our phone, and so on. Nevertheless, even now when there are so many ways, to look at our reflection, nothing can replace the accuracy with which a mirror reflects our appearance. So, even today mirrors are incredibly important for our lives. They come in a huge variety of shapes, designs, sizes, etc., and aside from their practicality, they are also used in interior design as decorative elements. Here are the 5 types of mirrors everyone needs in their life.

Compact Mirrors

Compact beauty mirror

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Even with advanced technologies, even with the incredibly good front cameras on our smartphones, there are instances in which nothing can really compare to a compact makeup mirror. This type of mirror is more commonly used by women, but its practicality goes far beyond a means to put makeup on. They are designed to be small, typically round, and usually featuring a lid, all of which makes them convenient for carrying around in a purse, a handbag, or a cosmetic bag.

In some professions, a pocket mirror can be extremely useful. Dancers, for instance, may buy compact beauty mirrors and use them as part of their dancing gear, as they might need to check their makeup and their hair all the time. A small cosmetic mirror can also be a great tool for signalling someone if you are in need of help, for instance, if you get lost during hiking, or if you are in some kind of trouble. Women who use makeup often have one for a quick glance, to see if everything is as it should be. However, although some people may need them more than others for various reasons, compact mirrors are definitely one of the every-day-carry essentials for any modern woman or man.

Tabletop Mirrors

Tabletop mirror

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Tabletop mirrors, also called makeup or standing mirrors, are slightly bigger than compact beauty mirrors, but they are also easily portable. Usually, they are used to apply makeup or cosmetics, like face creams, masks, etc. This is a very practical type of mirror to have at home because you never know when you are going to need a mirror that you can take anywhere, which you will be able to use hands-free.

Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirror

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Some people love looking at their own reflection, some don’t, and others are completely indifferent and do it only when they have to. But, whether you want to own a pocket or a makeup mirror or not, mirrors are one of the essential bathroom accessories, if only for practical reasons, because everyone needs one all the time to get ready, put makeup on, shave, etc.

Practical reasons aside, homeowners and interior designers choose bath mirrors that will enhance the bathroom decor, and install them in a way that adds interest and style, and visually widens the space. They offer many decorative opportunities, allowing you to achieve stunning effects, and to create eye-catching focal points, which is great regardless of whether your bathroom is small or large.

There are several types of mirrors used in bathrooms. The most popular one used in modern, practical homes is mirrored cabinets, which also add storage space and are very convenient for your morning and night routines. In larger bathrooms, where you don’t need additional storage, you can also choose beautiful decorative wall bath mirrors. From framed or frameless mirrors to gorgeous illuminated mirrors in a wide range of designs, shapes and styles, your possibilities are endless. In bathrooms most commonly chosen shape is rectangular, but round or differently shaped wall mirrors can be a great way to give your bathroom more personality and uniqueness.

Full-Length Mirrors

Full-length mirror

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Getting ready to go to the office, for a walk, to the store, or anywhere outside of your home, trying out outfits and seeing what suits you best, would be really hard without a full-length mirror. Typically placed in the bedroom or in the entryway, this type of mirror is another example of a mirror that everybody needs in their life. You can get a framed or frameless wall mirror, a closet door mirror or a framed standing mirror that can be tilted, called a cheval mirror. They usually come in a rectangular or oval shape, but like bathroom mirrors, they also offer a wide variety of designs, styles and frames.

Decorative Mirrors

Decorative mirror

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Many interior designers use mirrors for the purpose of adding style or creating beautiful effects in a contemporary living room. They may not serve a practical reason like bathroom mirrors, full-length mirrors, or makeup or cosmetic mirrors, but they give you a great opportunity to decorate a space, while also giving it visual depth and bring more light into the room. You can place a mirror with a beautiful design or make a mirror collage, combine them with other decorations, with artworks, place them opposite or next to a window to create a unique and striking focal point in your living room.