Why Installing a Bull Bar is a Great Idea

Installing a bull bar should be one of the first things you do when you get a car in Australia. It’s one of those essential pieces of equipment that can work wonders for your vehicle, even if you might feel uncertain at first. They offer a lot of protection to your car, but that’s only one of several benefits of installing one. They’re useful for every situation, not only off-road, and they offer quite a few benefits for installing one on your car.

Protection from Collision

When you’re driving somewhere out in the open in Australia, there is a real possibility of an animal collision. Hitting something like a kangaroo is a huge possibility and risk, so much so that it might fully disable your vehicle and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. That’s exactly where bull bars come in. Ideally, you definitely don’t want to hit anything, but if it happens, it’s much better to have one installed on your car. They vastly improve collision protection, which is the main reason behind the popularity of bull bars Australia wide. Instead of leaving you totally stranded, having a bull bar will allow your vehicle to be almost entirely unscathed, except for maybe having a driving light broken. That’s a significantly better outcome than leaving you stranded.

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General Protection

What people refer to as off-road is actually a bit of a misnomer because almost no off-road driving is actually done off the roads. What this refers to are very rough roads that most likely have a lot of hazards that regular roads do not have. When you’re driving off-road, you’re highly likely going to encounter something that might potentially damage your vehicle, if not by hitting you, but rather by getting inside your engine bay. Bull bars are also ideal for this because they not only prevent such a thing from happening, but they will also prevent something large from piercing the engine from underneath. That’s because bull bars are usually made out of steel or sturdy alloys, so you’ll be protected from things like that at all times.

Reduces Serious Damage

If there is no escaping a collision, then you best have a bull bar installed on your vehicle. They are amazing for a lot of things, but one particular area where they excel is reducing the damage the vehicle takes by an enormous margin. Instead of being left crippled or severely damaged, with a bull bar, you’re almost certain to just shrug off that damage. Another thing that’s very important to mention is that serious damage done to the vehicle will most certainly affect the passengers in the car. With a bull bar, the passengers will be absolutely safe from damage that would have been serious for the vehicle otherwise.

Safety System Integration

Bull bars are more than mere physical additions to the vehicle. They are designed to be fully integrated into the vehicle so that they’re much more than simple weight added on. Most vehicles have safety systems installed nowadays which turn on when they detect that something wrong has happened to the vehicle. They’re designed to protect the passengers first and foremost, which is why they’re such a great combination for the bull bar. Safety systems can be easily integrated with the bull bars, so should something happen, you’ll get double the protection from both the system and the bull bar.

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Bull bars tend to have a very specific look to them that can easily appeal to a lot of people. They tend to look rugged and strong, so if that’s a look you were planning on utilising for your vehicle, then you’re in luck. They have a very strong presence, and can easily be upgraded with a few other aesthetic upgrades and accessories so that you’ll be able to fully customise your bull bar’s look without compromising its integrity and structural safety.

Mounting Accessories

Another amazing thing about bull bars is that can readily serve as a platform for further installing new upgrades and accessories onto your vehicle. They can be connected to your vehicle’s wiring so that you’ll be able to add much-wanted accessories to your car. You can very easily install things such as UHF antennae and driving lights, and a plethora of other accessories and upgrades. Another major upgrade that can be readily added to a bull bar is a winch. You can also install sand flags if you spend a lot of time in the sand dunes.

Difference Between Bull Bar and Nudge Bar

For a lot of people, bull bars are synonymous with nudge bars. While it’s true that they’re similar and that they fulfil a similar function, there are actually quite a few differences between them. For starters, nudge bars aren’t exactly suited to be used as significant collision protection. That’s because nudge bars are typically lighter than bull bars, so they’re mostly used to protect against stuff like gravel, dirt, and smaller pieces of debris, and not direct head-on collisions. Nudge bars also tend to be significantly smaller, as they’re installed on the lower front side of the car, whereas bull bars take up the entire front of the vehicle. This can have serious differences in aesthetics. Nudge bars are more suited for urban locations, so if you’re planning on going somewhere that’s more open, a bull bar is always a better recommendation.