Upgrade Your SSD For Macbook Air In 5 Simple Steps

Macbook Air – the slim design, the ultra high-tech and the revolutionary display makes it the best laptop I have ever owned. As time goes by, technology ages, but does it have to become obsolete? The SSD is way better than the normal hard drive and the reasons for that are many. That is why it is so popular and attractive to users.


If you own a Macbook Air, you might be interested in knowing that you can upgrade the original SSD to a much better version. Changing the SSD for Macbook is generally done in older versions of the Macbook and the procedure is easy and simple. While the MacBook Air is closed, you can still open it and upgrade the SSD with a newer and faster one and here’s how it is done:

1. Identify Your MacBook Air

The only problem that you may encounter when you look for the right SSD for Macbook is the year and type of manufacture. Apple upgrades its laptops yearly, so you have to search for an SSD that matches your laptop. Fortunately, Apple has a useful page that will help you identify your model number, along with the details about which kind of drive is compatible with your Macbook Air.

2.Find the disc that will Fit Your MacBook Air

There are two good quality choices of SSD: OWC and Transcend. My personal choice would be OWC since it comes with a bundle kit that is composed of SSD, enclosure and cable to mount the SSD and transfer all the data from your previous SSD.


3.Copy Your Data to the New Drive

There are third-party apps that can help you can create copies of your drives, but you can also use Apple’s own program named Time Machine or go into recovery mode and get the process done, which is the method recommended by Apple themselves.

4. Consult with professionals or watch videos on how to do-it-yourself

From all the manufactures out there, OWC provides you with the most useful and straightforward guides. After you have finished watching the videos, if you feel confident and are not afraid of showing your skills in action – do it, but if you are hesitant, find someone who has done it before – a friend or a local computer store professional.

5. Perform the Upgrade

The data copying process might take two to three hours to complete, but the SSD installation should not take less than half an hour, even for beginners. Personally when I did my first transfer it was an easy process and I did not had any experience before with laptop gadgets. Use a static free environment and be careful with the screws – they are quite easy to lose.

After everything is finished – enjoy! You have just installed your brand new SSD and give yourself a high five on upgrading your MacBook Air. Additionally, now you have created an external portable SSD.