Interesting Facts About John Deere

Founded in 1837, John Deere is one of the leading companies for manufacturing of agricultural machinery in the world. It was founded by an American inventor and manufacturer, John Deere, when he designed the first steel plow ever. This steel plow soon evolved into a smooth, hard moldboard which worked just as John Deere wanted. Within 10 years, the company was producing about 1,000 John Deere machinery or plows per year and by 1857, Deere was producing about 10,000 plows per year.


However, the company has a long history of providing high-quality John Deere machinery to its clients. Since its founding, the company encountered many big changes in the products, services and overall business. Today’s range of John Deere machines includes various agricultural products, such as tractors, combine harvesters, balers, seeders, sprayers, cotton harvesters, but also construction and forestry equipment, drive-trains and diesel engines. Aside from the obvious big advancements to the product and machinery lines, there are many interesting facts you did not know about John Deere. Check them out below.

  • The founder of Deere company, John Deere, did not have a classy education. He went to school as a youngster, but at the age of 17 became a blacksmith and with hard work achieved an incredible success in his life.
  • John Deere produced the first diesel engine in 1949. The engine was able to produce 51 horsepower and was the first that offered a live power take-off with its own clutch.
  • John Deere favored quality and once said that he will never put his name on a product that is not perfect.
  • John Deere managed his company from 1852 to 1858, when his 21-years-old son, Charles, took over the company as a manager. Charles managed the company for 49 years.
  • The company introduced its first turbocharged diesel engine in 4520 row-crop tractor, which quickly became one of the best John Deere machines.
  • John Deere became international brand with the opening of a build plant in Canada in 1912. About 40 years later, John Deere machinery was produced in Germany, Mexico, Spain, France, South Africa and Argentina. Today, John Deere has 104 locations, of which 43 are in the U.S.A.


  • Although is commonly regarded as such, John Deere is not the first person to invent the steel plough, but the first person to make it commercially successful.
  • Since the company produced its first plow in 1837, about 600 different tractor models have been redesigned, produced and sold. These 600 John Deere machines included 40 backhoe-loader tractors, 70 farm tractors, 35 industrial tractors and 10 Waterloo Boy tractors.