Some Interesting Facts about Roller Blinds

When it comes to stunning window coverings, draperies and curtains usually steal all the attention, while blinds although highly practical go seemingly unnoticed. However, roller blinds are about to change all that. A relatively new design in the history of blinds, roller shades are rewriting the rules of coverings. They are truly beautiful and light, coming in a limitless array of stunning fabrics, colours and designs that suit every home and every décor. A room dressed with these stylish coverings commands so much attention. So what’s the whole story behind roller blinds?Roller Blinds

The Early Origins

The roller blinds might not be so ancient like window shutters, but they sure have a long history of use. Many believe that the design we know and love today has made its first appearance in 17th century Holland. This is an assumption, because by the start of the 18th century roller shades made out of a specific type of Dutch linen have been used all throughout Holland, England and France. Then, when this window covering made its way to Scotland, a simple cord mechanism was added in order to open and shut the blinds more easily. It was only a century later, in 1864, that roller blinds arrived to America where a spring was added to the mechanism by Stewart Harthshorn, creating the well-know design.

A Window Covering that Fits Perfectly Well on a Door

For all the beauty they have, large glass doors can be a nuisance in a particularly sunny day. All that sunlight pouring though the door is definitely not good for your furnishings and floors, especially the ones made out of wood. Roller shades are a great option for large glass doors because they have a sleek flush finish that does not disturb the door’s look.

Huge Energy (and Money) Savers

Blackout roller blinds are designed to block 99% of the outside light, which ensures that your home will stay comfortably cool even in the middle of summer. On the other hand, due to their incredible insulating properties, roller shades also help keep the interior temperature from escaping which lessens the amount of load on your heating system. The result is an energy-efficient window solution which helps you save a couple of bucks on your energy bills.

One of the Least Expensive Window Treatments

The beauty of roller shades is that they allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a more expensive window covering without having to spend a lot of money. This is especially convenient for homes with a large amount of windows. You can have tasteful décor, privacy and light regulation throughout the entire house while still having some money left for another home project. Something you wouldn’t be able to do if you opted for Venetians or shutters.