Some Cool Facts About Wigs


These days wigs have become one of top hair accessories and can be found in hair salon, boutiques, malls and you can also purchase human hair wigs online. The reasons why some people wear wigs are many, from a desire to change the look to camouflaging certain health problems like hair loss. Due to increased demand, man and women can now easily find and buy human hair wigs online. And the best thing is that all available wigs online are highly qualitative, durable, easy to maintain and look natural. They can also be styled easily, including dyeing, blow drying, curling or straightening. If you are one of many who wear wigs regularly or have considered buying wigs online, here are few cool wig facts you most likely did not know about.

  • The word wig comes from an English word periwig, type of a wig worn by aristocrats, barristers and judges. It is believed that people began using the term wig around 1675.
  • In the Oxford English Dictionary, the term wig is defined as a “small cake made from fine flour” or “kind of a bun”.
  • Wigs have been used since ancient times. For example, ancient Egyptians wore wigs to protect their shaved heads.
  • Queen Elizabeth I, also known as ‘The Virgin Queen’, is not only know for establishing an English Protestant church, but also for owning 150 wigs.
  • Mozart, one of the best known composers of the Classical era, wore wigs due to the deformity of his left year.
  • The most wigs ever made for a single movie was for the fantasy movie The Two Towers, the second sequence of the popular film series The Lord of the Rings.
  • In the past, aristocrats and important officials were required to wear wigs. The biggest, the better. That is how the term bigwig originated.
  • In 1765, all wig makers signed a petition and demanded for George III, the King of Great Britain and Ireland at the time, to make it a law for certain professions to wear wigs. Unfortunately, because the wig makers themselves did not wear wigs, they were beaten and shaved by bystanders.
  • Government officials in Britain and other Commonwealth nations wear wigs to show respect towards their offices.
  • Orthodox Jewish women are shaved after they get married and must wear wigs or sheitels in Hebrew.
  • The most expensive wig ever sold at an auction was the one that belonged to a famous painter and filmmaker, Andy Warhol, best known for his pop art paintings of numerous celebrities such as Merilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. The wig was sold for an astonishing $10,800.
  • Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are just few celebrities known for wearing wigs when in public.