Interesting Facts About Sneakers: The Fashion Staple

The world of sneakers is definitely a broad one nowadays, with so many brands and styles available. And how can it not be broad when what we all need in the day to day busy life is the comfort they provide?

In fact, they’ve helped shape fashion so much, we’re able to use trends like business casual and athleisure to our advantage, meaning it’s not just streetwear style or sports you can expect to wear them with which explains why they make such a fashion staple.

Though it’s usually not the case with most trends, sneakers are a timeless exception, one that stands the test of time over and over again. A quick look through brick and mortar and online stores shows how versatile they can be and it’s not only the case with men.

For instance, search online women sneakers and you’re sure to come across a wide range, from different brands to a variety of styles, prices, materials, patterns and colours. Yes, there’s the right pair of sneakers for any taste so let’s embark on a bit of sneaker timeline.

The invention of sneakers goes a long way back to the 18th century, when the first rubber sole shoes called plimsolls appeared but it was the Keds that came to be mass produced first in the 1890s. How these shoes got to be called sneakers is in the way they made it possible to “sneak in” or walk quietly as opposed to their heavy-heeled counterparts.

Another classic that followed in the 1920s was Converse with their All Stars and though they were sports-related, specifically basketball, nowadays you don’t have to be into sports to have them in your closet.

Of course, no timeline of sneakers would be complete without mentioning the iconic brands: Adidas, Puma and Nike. By the time Adidas appeared, sneakers were already an international success, and the year when this brand became popular was 1936 during the Berlin Olympics when Jesse Owens wore Adidas.

Puma was created by the brother of the founder of Adidas, Rudolf Dassler, and it wasn’t until the 1950s that sneakers started taking over the fashion world. Nike made success with the first “waffle shoes” that the co-founder Bill Bowerman created in 1971 using his wife’s waffle iron, intending to make lightweight soles.

Since skateboarding was becoming a trend in the 1970s, skater sneakers were the real deal, followed by the 1990s chunky or also called dad shoes that are making a great comeback.

Also in the world of the skateboarding culture, and slip-on success, Vans have made it big, though unlike before when it was only the culture men-related, nowadays the variety of online women sneakers include Vans too.

Considering technology is improving every day, we’re yet to see what’s coming next in the world of sneakers. What’s certain is they won’t disappear from the trendy scene any time soon!