Roller Sneakers For Kids: The Facts That Make Them Hip

Since spring is already in full bloom, the streets are becoming more and more crowded with bikes and the pavements with roller skating enthusiasts. The most common type? Heelys for sure. Heelys are a type of roller sneakers that were all the rage a couple of years ago, and are still extremely popular among younger kids who don’t have the confidence to roller skate yet and are using them as a gateway towards preparing for the real deal.

It was only a matter of time before someone came up with the genius idea of putting a pair of wheels on the heel of sneakers, and Roger Adams is the person to beat everyone to it. He invented these roller sneakers which became an overnight sensation among the young. I remember the first time I saw a kid cruise by me with a pair as if he was floating. I was simply left in awe.

Heelys can be divided into two basic types – one wheel models and two wheeled models. While both are equally fun to glide around with, each offers a specific feature that the other does not. For example, the one wheel Heelys are easier to maneuver compared to the two-wheel model, and these are generally capable of reaching higher speed. On the other hand, the two-wheel Heelys offer better balance (control and stability). The two-wheeled models are more recent and they have the option to have one wheel removed if you want to get a feel of how the one-wheeled type feels like.


Whichever model you end up choosing you can take it to the skate park and pull off some tricks. Just like skateboards and roller skates, it takes some practice to master them. But if enough time and practice is dedicated, the skill cap is pretty high and there are many maneuvers and tricks that can be done with them.

But remember, safety first! So if you want to have some fun on the skate park, some padding might be a good idea to protect you from injury – at least until you get good at it. A helmet might be a slight overkill, but gloves and elbow/knee pads will be great to protect you from scraping or scratching yourself if you fall.

The choice of roller sneakers is pretty huge. However, there are many knock off models out there that look just like Heelys. If you want to experience the real deal and have a quality product – get an official pair of Heelys. They’re not much more expensive than the cheaper fake models and you’ll get better customer service if you ever experience any problems with them.